FaZe Clan Signs Kalei As A Content Creator

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FaZe Clan Signs Kalei As A Content Creator

Kalei joins FaZe as their list Warzone content creators grows.

FaZe Clan has been at the forefront of Call of Duty content creation since the start, and their most recent signing comes with a massive following. Kalei, a Warzone Twitch streamer with over 4800 subscribers, joins FaZe Clan as content creator.

Kalei has been streaming for over three years, and her community has drastically grown since the release of Warzone. Her skill, alongside her excellent entertainment value sees her currently sit with over 4800 subscribers. In addition, she boasts an average of over 1800 concurrent viewers in the past week.

On joining FaZe, Kalei said, “It really is a dream come true”. While she has sometimes been seen as a brand risk due to her outlandish tweets, Kalei described how FaZe “encourages her to be herself, and believes she can achieve success without watering down her weirdness”.

If you wish to see more of her talent, FaZe Clan released a montage of her best moments alongside the announcement.

Kalei has recently been involved in multiple Warzone tournaments and streams daily on Twitch.

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