Fallout: London Postponed Due to Starfield

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Fallout: London Postponed Due to Starfield

The development team behind the Fallout: London project has announced on YouTube that the release of the same has been delayed. This news was given by Prilladog, project manager, who underlined the fact that the delay in the release of Starfield also changed the release of their project, in order not to clash with the Bethesda game, which was initially supposed to come out to coincide with the new Starfield launch date.

Fallout: London will be released in Q4

“Initially we were hoping it would be in the third quarter, which is about to start. However, a certain space game has been delayed and is now slated to release around the same time as we planned. As a result, we will release the game in the latest quarter. This not only gives you all more time to play Starfield, but also allows us more time for playtesting and bug fixing, so it's a win-win situation, right? We appreciate your patience. So wait for us by then.”

Additionally, Prilladog said their team doesn't have to account for shareholders who are breathing down their necks and pressing them to exit the project, even if it's not ready. In any case, the manager of Fallout: London has expressed the wish to be able to release the project in time for Christmas, in order to give a gift to all the fans who have been following its development for some time now.

For the uninitiated, Fallout: London is a high-end, DLC-sized mod that is fully compatible with Fallout 4, and adds a new setting to the game outside of the United States. Precisely thanks to the vastness of the project and the excellent work that all those involved are doing, Bethesda itself, in recent weeks, has taken steps to hire some of those who were working on the development of this mod. This is certainly a great business card for developers.

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Fallout: London Postponed Due to Starfield
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