F1 23 World Deep Dive Episode 2. New Announcements, Features and More.

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F1 23 World Deep Dive Episode 2. New Announcements, Features and More.

F1 23 World Deep Dive episode 2 was released after it was postponed.

Part 2 of the F1 23's World Deep Dive was just released after EA Sports F1 had postponed all communications throughout the cancelled race weekend to pay respects to the residents of the Emilia Romagna region. As there was flooding in the area the Imola GP was cancelled for the safety of the fans and the teams were at risk.

F1 23 Breaking Point News

Breaking Point will be set in the 2022 and 2023 F1 seasons but will focus on the fictional team Konnersport Butler Global. The drivers are old rivals and are now fully confirmed to be Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler but a new driver in the F2 series Callie Mayer may put these driver's seats at risk. The F1 23 writing team worked alongside the British 2x W Series winner and current Indy NXT driver Jamie Chadwick to develop Callies's story. As you go through the story your character's performance and reputation will change based on your actions on and off the track. Your press responses and management decisions can give you different bonus objectives that can affect different storylines depending on if you achieve those objectives.

What is F1 World

F1 World is a new feature which will be a hub for daily, weekly and seasonal content that will be forever changing. You can complete challenges, play online or compete in events throughout the season to increase your tech level which will allow you to earn upgrades. When you increase your tech level your car's performance will also improve which will allow you to compete in more challenging events. Solo series allows you to travel the world and race on all different tracks against AI to improve your driving ability alongside being able to drive a variety of different cars from F1, and F2 to sports cars such as the Mercedes AMG GT3.

Solo and Multiplayer events will include daily, weekly and seasonal events that are great for both solo and multiplayer fans. These events can either be Grand Prix time trails or scenarios that you can complete for content drops that will go alongside this year's Formula 1 schedule so you will be racing around the same tracks as the real drivers are that week. Car parts and team member upgrades are useful when it comes to giving you a competitive advantage on the track. You will be able to hire new team principles, race strategists, RND teams and car sponsors.

The new compendium allows you to show off your progress. This is a virtual sticker album that allows you to commemorate everything to do with Formula 1 in the past and the present.

An all-new engineering system allows you to use resources to complete new blueprints that will get new upgrades, contracts, compendium stickers and more. This will include cash, setup data, track data and tyre ware data.

F1 23 Revamped Ranked Mode

The ranked mode has been redesigned to give a more competitive feel to it compared to prior F1 games. The division-based rank system will feature 7 new ranks that include Bronze, Silver 1, Silver 2, Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3 and Elite. The higher rank you are the more XP you will earn towards your podium pass. Earn points over a week and the players with the highest points in your group will be promoted to higher divisions. The Elite rank is no longer a group but in fact, a leaderboard that will include the highest-ranked players in the game.


The new game gives players many different ways of progressing to allow players of all levels and interests to enjoy the game how they want to. The game is still expected to be released on June 16th or on June 13th if you pre-order the Champions Edition before May 31st.

The full Deep Dive Episode 2 is available below and gives you a full rundown of everything to come.

F1 23 World Deep Dive Episode 2. New Announcements, Features and More.
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