Exoprimal’s Crossplay Will Have Limitations at Launch

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Exoprimal’s Crossplay Will Have Limitations at Launch

The official Twitter account of Exoprimal, the new dinosaur-themed game from Capcom, announced in the last few hours that the game's crossplay will have limitations at launch. As far as matchmaking is concerned, there will be no problems whatsoever, but the software house has announced that the creation of parties will have to follow some conditions, at least at launch.

Exoprimal crossplay and limitations

As specified by the developers themselves, players will be able to create parties with other players playing the game only if they are part of the following platform groups:

  • Group 1: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows
  • Group 2: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
  • Group 3: Steam

This is an inconvenience that even the developers hadn't planned, at least at the beginning, but given some internal situations they were forced to opt for this choice. In any case, the team behind the development of Exoprimal has already made it known that it is working to identify solutions that allow crossplay to be extended to the creation of groups as well.

Although this change may take some time to implement, it seems that it is in the development plans of the team. In this regard, Capcom should soon publish the roadmap of updates that will arrive in the game after its launch, in order to have a general vision of how the game will be supported even after its release on the market.


Exoprimal’s Crossplay Will Have Limitations at Launch
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