ESTNN Daily: Esports News Recap 2/28

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ESTNN Daily: Esports News Recap 2/28

Welcome to the ESTNN Daily, the source for your daily esports news, for February 27th. I'll be honest with you, dear reader, I'm quite sad today. Team Liquid lost to ENCE at the IEM Katowice Major and I'm barely scraping by, but never fear! I still managed to drag myself away from my pint of ice cream and blanket to whip up some hot off the presses news for you all! Let's jump right in.

League of Legends

League of Legends

In League news today, Nike has signed a deal with Tencent to create Team League of Legends Jerseys for the LPL. Nike is actually the first real sportswear company to enter the esports scene. According to SportsProMedia, the deal with worth $7.5 million dollars! Nike beat out Adidas and 361 Degrees for the honor of providing the LPL teams, coaches and staff wear their products.

In other news, the best carry NA went off on 100 Thieves, according to an interview by Dexerto. Team Liquid’s Doublelift had some words for 100 Thieves after TL dismantles the Thieves in their Feb. 25th match. Doublelift says “I started laughing after we hit like 10 skillshots on their bot lane in ten seconds.” Savage.


Dota 2

The Regional Qualifiers for ESL Mumbai kicked off today for DOTA 2 squads. Seven teams got directly invited to Mumbai, and they include Ninjas in Pajamas, Alliance, Gambit Esports, and compLexity Gaming. Mumbai will also feature four teams that will come from the regional qualifiers and one from the Indian qualifier. We’ll get to see some awesome DOTA when ESL Mumbai kicks off in April.


Overwatch Tips

In Overwatch today, we’ve got an inside look into the next PTR patch, and man is it a big one. Junkrat is getting a damage buff to his grenades, Mcree’s damage ramp will start sooner, and Symmetra’s ramp will begin sooner as well. Lucio and Zen are getting hard nerfs to their to their healing abilities, and Zen’s Discord Orb will now give less of a damage buff. Zarya is getting a nerf as well, as her alternate fire is getting its AOE size reduced.

The nerfs to Zenyatta and Lucio seem solely there to combat GOATS, which is never a bad thing!



In CSGO, the first two quarter-final matchups kicked off today, and we had at least one good game in Na’Vi vs. FaZe. The CIS team beat up on the international FaZe roster, winning their set 2-0 on Inferno and Mirage.

Next up was Liquid vs. Ence. This one – well –  this one didn’t exactly go as everyone thought it was going to go. Liquid gave up a Mirage Map 1, and then let ENCE come back hard on Inferno in Map 2. The young upstarts ENCE played better than the American squad today, destroying Pick’ems across the country. That said, ENCE played an absolutely incredible game. Cloud9, however, didn't miss the opportunity to mess with their North American rivals:



Fortnite’s Season 8 Battle Pass is live across all platforms, adding the Season 8 challenges, a new type of travel, Volcano Vents, and as well as a few new locations across the Fortnite Map. Epic Games also added a Ping System, showcased in the reveal trailer. Players can now find Pirate Camps across the map and ping all the loot and locations in the world. Epic has clearly taken a page out of Apex Legends book here, but hey, if it works why not, right?

That’s all for the ESTNN Brief for Thursday, February 28th. Make sure to head on over to to catch up on all of the latest news and check back here tomorrow for another episode of The Daily!


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