Esports Degree Now Offered At Staffordshire University

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Esports Degree Now Offered At Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University, located in England, recently announced a new undergrad degree. The BA (Hons) Esports is a three-year program focused on the business of esports. The new program will teach students how to run and organize an esports team or franchise.

“The degree covers not only the technical aspects of esports but also how to run and promote esports events worldwide and has been designed in consultation with specialists in the field. Graduates will enter a very buoyant job market in three to four years time. In the first year students are taking courses like ‘Contemporary Issues in Esports’, ‘Communications Skills for Managers,’ and ‘Business Simulation Project.’ In year two, the students are learning about event planning, casting, and content creation. In their final year, students will focus on hosting their own esports event.” – Dean of Staffordshire's Business School, June Dennis


The Esports Hub

Additionally, Staffordshire University has opened an ‘Esports Hub', which boasts 12 gaming stations. Students can use the hub to practice gaming, broadcasting, and other essential esports skills.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions; obviously people think you are going to be playing games for three years but in actual fact, the course is like a business degree but it is in a new industry. The hub will be a place where students can learn in a real-life setting and understand what goes on behind-the-scenes of a major esports event. We have been working closely with industry employers who believe that this hands-on experience is vital. We want to put our students ahead of the game when they graduate and give them the best chance of getting a job.” – Stuart Kosters, a lecturer at the Staffordshire Business School.

Interested students can apply here for next years classes, which are planned to begin September 16, 2019.

Source: Esports Insider

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