Envy Brand Retired from Esports as All Teams Take OpTic Name

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Envy Brand Retired from Esports as All Teams Take OpTic Name

The Envy name is now completely out of esports, as OpTic rises from the ashes. 

Since the merger between Envy and OpTic back on November 9th, 2021, little has been heard from Envy in esports. While they still had teams competing in games such as Rocket League and Valorant, one by one they all started to take the name of OpTic instead. With the bigger brand and more relevant name, it seemed to be a good choice.

The teams slowly transitioned, and now Envy Gaming has completely disappeared from all esports titles with the announcement of OpTic Rocket League.

Envy Gaming Retires Esports Brand

With OpTic Gaming having the bigger reach of the two, it made sense to transfer all teams to OpTic. Envy had the backing, and since the merger was announced it seemed inevitable. Putting resources into both names was confusing for fans and staff alike, but it is sad to see such a legendary name now gone.

In a podcast with OpTic Founder H3CZ, Envy Founder Hastro said, “I had in the back of my mind there was a potential to sunset Envy and invest all our resources in OpTic. Basically, what we’re going to do is take the Envy brand out of esports right now.”

“The word profound is an understatement when describing my feeling for what we have accomplished with Envy” said Hastro, “It’s humbling to think about everything we’ve achieved.”

For now, Envy has retired its esports brand. We’ll wait and see how far OpTic can go, or maybe a possible return of Envy in the future.

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