EA’s FIFA Series Removed From All Digital Marketplaces

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EA’s FIFA Series Removed From All Digital Marketplaces

With the release of EA's new football series, Fifa has been removed from all major marketplaces.

EA's new Football series no longer bears the name FIFA as they have ended their license agreement with the popular video game company. FIFA 14 to FIFA 23 have been removed from all the main video game marketplaces such as Steam, Xbox, and Playstation store as well as the EA App. FIFA 22 and 23 are still playable through the EA Play subscription service but with the release of EA FC on the 29th of September it is not known how much longer these titles will be playable for.

This news has been pointed out on X as multiple people have tried to purchase FIFA 23 at a reduced price but were unable to find it in their desired store.

FIFA 14 Onwards Nuked from Console stores

This means that physical copies of FIFA will bear more value for players who wish to play “The Journey” story mode which is only available on FIFA 17,18 and 19. This story follows a fictional character named Alex Hunter who goes through highs and lows in his professional football career. EA generally removes the previous FIFA titles from the Steam marketplace after its shelf life but this isn't a common thing for them to do on console.

As these titles hold the FIFA name it is possible that EA would still have to pay to keep these titles alive in online stores. It is not known if this is due to money reasons or whether they have been forced to remove all the titles with it being the end of the licensing agreement.

EA’s FIFA Series Removed From All Digital Marketplaces
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