EA Sports FC Online Career Mode FIFA 24? Everything We Know and More

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EA Sports FC Online Career Mode FIFA 24? Everything We Know and More

EA Sports FC Online Career Mode is a new mode coming this year's interaction of the popular FIFA series. Here's everything we know about it

EA Sports FC is set to release with a complete revamp on all game modes even career mode. Career mode hasn't really changed since ultimate team gained popularity ten years ago. Ultimate team is the most played game mode and subsequently has received the most attention when it comes to receiving features and updates. As EA is going down a new route and changing its game they have decided to give all the game modes some much-needed attention to suit the needs of all players. Career mode is currently just a single-player mode which means all the games you play are against AI. This doesn't give you the competitive experience like ultimate team, pro clubs and seasons have. This is what makes these game modes so popular as you can play with or against your friends.

Will EA Sports FC have an Online Career Mode?

EA Sports FC is set to have the new game mode of online career mode. This has yet to be released in any previous FIFA game but fans have been asking for this for years. The benefits of having an online career mode will change the whole dynamic of this game mode. This will make the game feel more realistic with better transfers, a variety of gameplay, more tournaments, and new competitions. This will overall make the game feel better if done correctly. Unfortunately from some news and rumours that this will be the only career mode in the game which means there won't be a player career or manager career mode. It will only be the one career mode which features online gameplay.

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So far we know that you will have your own team that you will create. Unfortunately, there will be no real clubs used in this game mode which could possibly be down to licensing agreements. There will be limited players that will be in each club and each team will have a limit to how many transfers they can make in each transfer window. This will be different to how ultimate teams work as you can buy and sell as many players as you want in any time frame.

Creating your own team will have its benefits though. You will have full control over the team's name, badges, kits and a variety of stadiums. This will add realism to online leagues as they will not feature lots of players all using the same club's name and badges. Having the option to choose all of this allows you to stand out and be different to everyone else.

EA Sports FC Possible New Career Mode Features

Stadium Builder which will be used to create your own stadium from scratch. This will make sense as your own team deserves its own stadium. It is rumoured that this is something you will have full control over and the possibility to upgrade your stadium if your team gains more finances from selling players or sponsorship deals and any other income sources. With this, you will also be able to choose sponsorships for the stadium for sponsor boards and other things around the stadium as a way to earn more money for the team. This was available in FIFA 22 and 23 career mode if you created a personal club or a club that had a generic unlicensed stadium in-game. But this is just seen as a basic step and more options are expected to be available to take these stadiums to a new level.

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Youth Development is expected to be improved. EA FC is an official sponsor of the UEFA Youth League which means they can add the competition into the game. To add to this EA also has licensing over other leagues like the Premier League which also has its own youth development league as well as a few other leagues that EA has licensing for.

Sponsorship Deals could also be expected. Having different team sponsors, shirt sponsors and stadium sponsorship deals will be a way to have extra income for your career-mode teams. Being able to decide on different deals based on time money and down payments can benefit your team financially. Kit sponsorships have been around in the past but this is only for kit manufacturers and not shirt sponsors.

All of these features are not 100% confirmed yet but credible sources have announced these rumours. All the information regarding these upgrades is expected but we don't have the full information on what may come with them. The game isn't set to release until the end of September so there is still plenty of time for more announcements and features that may come to career mode. The Offical EA Sports Twitter and website are expected to release more information as the build-up to release begins.

EA Sports FC Online Career Mode FIFA 24? Everything We Know and More
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