EA Sports FC 24 Awesome Gameplay Trailer’s Official Revealed

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EA Sports FC 24 Awesome Gameplay Trailer’s Official Revealed

Electronic Arts has officially presented EA Sports FC 24. The software house has published an EA Sports FC 24 gameplay trailer that highlights all the major updates and new features of the upcoming installment of the former FIFA series. Several features of EA Sports FC 24 are shown in the video, including HyperMotion V, Play Styles, and the upgraded Frostbite game engine.

EA Sports FC 24 gameplay trailer

HyperMotion V, sometimes known as “volumetric,” is a phrase used by EA Sports FC 24 to describe the capability of studying player motions during a live broadcast. The team now has access to more animations of the most well-known football players, with more details on the movement of the arms, hands, torso position, and more thanks to the latest evolution of the technology that Electronic Arts has been using for years.

Play Styles, on the other hand, are unique bonuses that enable an EA Sports FC 24 player to customize their playing style. For instance, Vinicius Jr. has a strong dribbling Play Style, whilst Mbappé can attack open spaces more successfully. More Play Stiles (seven at launch for each player, a maximum of ten in the future) will be added to existing players throughout the course of the months. There will be a total of 34 different Play Styles, which is actually doubled because there will also be “Plus” versions and “Gold” versions.

Last but not least, it is mentioned that Frostbite has been enhanced and is now even more scalable. After some time, the Switch version, for instance, won't be considered “Legacy,” meaning that it will have improvements rather than being a rehash of earlier releases. There will essentially be the same modes as the PS4 and Xbox One versions, but cross-play and anything from HyperMotion V (which is also absent from PS4 and Xbox One) will not be there. Additionally, EA Sports FC 24 won't exceed 30 FPS on the Switch.

EA Sports FC 24 Awesome Gameplay Trailer’s Official Revealed
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