EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties: All You Need to Know

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EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties: All You Need to Know

The EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties is a brand-new promo launched in EA FC 24 that was never before seen in Ultimate Team, so here is everything you must know about it

EA FC 24 was intended to herald a new era in football gaming experiences following the departure from the FIFA title. Despite the rebranding, the game reintroduced certain familiar Ultimate Team promotions such as Centurions and Road to the Knockouts. EA Sports, however, remains committed to reinventing the franchise by rolling out some entirely new content besides the nostalgia promos. The EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties campaign is a prime example—a groundbreaking Ultimate Team addition completely unfamiliar to long-time FIFA players.

What is EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties?

Ultimate Dynasties, the newest promotion in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, takes the place of the previously featured Radioactive Squad. This campaign uniquely emphasizes familial connections among players, showcasing compelling pairings such as father-son, brother-brother, and brother-sister duos in the cards released under the Ultimate Dynasties banner.

Packs, SBCs, Objectives, and various other opportunities will offer these family member cards as rewards. This campaign features a mix of Icons and regular players and presents some of the most lucrative cards introduced thus far.

Who is in EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties Team 1?

EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties: All You Need to Know

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The EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties arguably includes the best collection of cards we have seen since the game's launch. At present, the EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties squad includes 35 players, with more additions planned through upcoming SBCs and Objectives over the next few days. The primary squad unveiled Icons Zidane and Paolo Maldini, and the imminent introduction of their sons, Luca Zidane and Daniel Maldini, is slated for later this week.

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Chelsea brother-sister duo Reece and Lauren James are part of the Ultimate Dynasties offering, so is Manchester City ace Erling Halaand, who rocks a mouth-watering 94 rating. Romania legend Gheorge Hagi and his son Ianis Hagi have also made the first Ultimate Dynasties team.

How Long will EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties Players be Available?

From their launch on Friday, December 8th at 6 PM GMT/10 AM GMT/ 1 PM ET, the Ultimate Dynasties players will remain in packs for a week. The first batch of Ultimate Dynasties cards will be replaced by a new set of cards on Friday, December 15, at 6 PM GMT/10 AM GMT/ 1 PM ET.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Dynasties: All You Need to Know
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