EA FC 24 TOTW 4: Olivier Giroud GK Card Reviewed

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EA FC 24 TOTW 4: Olivier Giroud GK Card Reviewed

AC Milan forward Olivier Giroud has been given a Olivier Giroud GK card in EA FC 24 TOTW 4, but how good can he actually be between the posts?

Despite the social media frenzy surrounding the prospect of an Olivier Giroud GK card in Team of the Week (TOTW) 4 after his unexpected goalkeeping performance for AC Milan against Genoa, it seemed unlikely that EA would actually deliver on this idea. To the surprise of many fans, however, the EA FC developers have indeed included the Frenchman as a goalkeeper in their newly unveiled TOTW 4 roster. 

Why did EA Give Giroud a GK Card in TOTW 4?

For those who might have missed the action, Giroud found himself in an unexpected role as the last line of AC Milan’s defense against Genoa last week. This unexpected shift occurred after the primary Rossoneri goalkeeper, Mike Maignan, received a red card during the eighth minute of stoppage time. It was Giroud's crucial save that ultimately secured the victory for the team!

Olivier Giroud GK Card: Keep or Sell? 

The concept of outfield players getting goalkeeper cards is not new, especially in the era of Shapeshifters. An outfield player receiving a goalkeeper card this early in the season, however, is quite unusual. The real question here is, should you consider holding on to the Olivier Giroud GK card in the TOTW 4 pack? 

Olivier Giroud is a striker by trade, but it's undeniable that he possesses the physical attributes of a top-class goalkeeper. At a towering height of six feet four inches, he has the ideal stature to effectively deal with the aerial challenges posed by the opposition. To determine his potential effectiveness as a goalkeeper, however, we need to look at the stats of his TOTW 4 card. 

Giroud gets an overall GK rating of 84, with a diving rating of 81, handling at 82, kicking skills rated at 84, impressive reflexes of 86, and a somewhat low speed rating of 48.

It's evident that Giroud can handle himself decently in front of the woodwork. His positioning attribute, rated at 82, shows that he has a good sense of where to be during a match.

While his agility and speed might not match that of traditional goalkeepers, Giroud's high reflexes and handling indicate that he can make crucial saves and hold onto the ball effectively. His excellent kicking skill also allows him to distribute the ball well. If used strategically, Giroud's TOTW 4 goalkeeper card could offer a unique and intriguing option for your squad, especially if you're in need of an emergency goalkeeper with some unique abilities.

Giroud's ball control qualities are excellent. He currently has a reaction rating of 99, which is higher than any other goalkeepers in the game, even the icons ones. The AC Milan man also scores 99 on ball control and composure. Step aside, Ederson! You got some competiton for the most cool-headed goalkeeper in the world crown! 

One notable cause of concern, however, is the rapid drop in prices. Since he is an outfield player, many players are selling him and investing the coins elsewhere in the squad. 

On Xbox and PlayStation, the Olivier Giroud GK card is priced at 33,250 coins as of writing. This price reflects a substantial decrease of 26% from its original base value.

The price drop has been less severe on PC,as it currently stands at 42,500 coins, which is a 14% fall. 

If you have the card now, it would make sense to sell it and cash out. The rush out, however, will not go on indefinitely. Once the price stabilizes, the Giroud gk card could be a valuable asset for your squad. 

EA FC 24 TOTW 4: Olivier Giroud GK Card Reviewed
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