EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo: All We Know So Far

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EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo: All We Know So Far

Electronic Arts and Pepsi have joined forces to kick your EA FC 24 experience up a notch. Here is what we know about EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo so far

Electronic Arts and Pepsi have successfully negotiated a comprehensive, multi-year partnership agreement for EA FC 24. This groundbreaking collaboration, dubbed the EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo is set to not only usher in a new era of in-game beverage promotion but also herald a host of exciting developments that will undoubtedly captivate the devoted community of the renowned soccer simulator.

Under the umbrella of this expansive partnership, gamers and soccer enthusiasts alike can anticipate an immersive and dynamic fusion of their digital and real-world experiences. The introduction of Pepsi as a prominent feature within the gaming environment promises an innovative and engaging integration, elevating the overall gaming experience to new heights.

Throughout its history, EA Sports has teamed up with various brands to run in-game promotions within Ultimate Team. For instance, in FIFA 23, we saw the ‘Numbers Up' promotion by Adidas, which granted a ratings boost to players sponsored by Adidas.

Having parted ways with the FIFA branding and adopting EA SPORTS FC as their new identity, they've embarked on partnerships with more brands than ever before. While the Nike ‘Mad Ready' campaign is an immediate standout, there's more in store. The EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo is one of them. 

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EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo: What To Expect?

From October onwards, Pepsi bottles will include codes that enable players to redeem Free Packs in the game. The content of these Packs remains shrouded in uncertainty, as they could potentially comprise cosmetic items, with a PEPSI-inspired design, or even players destined for use in the Ultimate Team mode.

The Pepsi Promo is exclusive to residents of the UK, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Norway. It’s restricted to 10 packs per account. We're eagerly anticipating further developments and will promptly share them with you.

EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo

Pepsi-themed player cards could be one of the EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo perks up for grabs (Photo Credit: FUT Mentor)

PepsiCo's star-studded team of football talents, including the likes of Vinicius Jr (representing Brazil and Real Madrid) and Leah Williamson (a standout player for England and Arsenal), is poised to take on the role of global ambassadors. These gifted athletes will play pivotal roles in forthcoming projects, encompassing entertainment collaborations, in-game integrations, and on-pack promotions that will unlock exclusive experiences and highly coveted in-game rewards for fans.

Moreover, this partnership will provide a robust platform for advancing joint efforts in support of PepsiCo's ongoing initiatives, particularly those aimed at promoting football involvement and gender equality within the sport.

“EA SPORTS is an iconic brand in the realm of football and has revolutionized fan engagement,” Adam Warner, PepsiCo's Head of Global Sports and Partnerships, said about the new partnership. “With PepsiCo’s history and extensive involvement in football and entertainment, our brands are uniquely positioned to push the boundaries of football fandom. This partnership enables us to reach football fans and communities worldwide, and to provide them with experiences that elevate their connection to the beautiful game.”

How to Prepare for EA FC 24 TOTS

David Jackson, the Vice-President of the EA Sports FC Brand, also expressed his excitement about the new partnership.

“For years, PepsiCo’s brands have been delivering memorable moments for football fans, and we’re energized to incorporate that rich heritage into our own experiences as we set forth on this remarkable journey with EA SPORTS FC. We’re proud to partner with PepsiCo to create more unmissable experiences that will undoubtedly captivate fans of the World’s Game.”

EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo: How Does It Work?

To get in on the action, you'll need to start by buying some Pepsi bottles that proudly bear the EA Sports FC logo. In each of these specially marked bottles, you'll find a unique redeem code discreetly nestled within the wrapper. Once you've uncovered this code, the next step is to visit the Pepsi website, where you can enter and redeem it to unlock exciting in-game rewards and exclusive experiences. It's a thrilling opportunity to bridge the gap between the real world and the gaming universe, brought to you by the dynamic partnership between Pepsi and EA FC. So, get ready to sip and score!

Afterward, you'll need to connect your EA SPORTS account to ensure the in-game items are credited to you. While it's hinted on the Pepsi site that it might be a Pepsi-themed kit, a more diverse range of in-game content and physical rewards could be up for grabs once the campaign launches.








EA FC 24 Pepsi Promo: All We Know So Far
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