EA FC 24 Evolutions: One Step Away From Greatness

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EA FC 24 Evolutions: One Step Away From Greatness

While EA FC 24 Evolutions has undeniably strengthened the game, a single prominent concern leaves players dissatisfied

EA FC 24 Evolutions has been one of the best introductions in EA's new soccer game following its rebranding. It offers Ultimate Team lovers a great way to improve their favorite players and keep them in top shape. This feature allows player cards to improve their basic stats, weak foot, and skill moves, and adopt various PlayStyles. Additionally, it lets players learn new positions. The initial rollout of Evolutions, therefore, has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from the community.

EA FC 24 Evolutions

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EA FC 24 Evolutions: One Of  The Best Things The Game Has To Offer

Golden Glow Up Parts One and Two introduced a game-changing mechanic that revolutionized the player card upgrade system. Thanks to these two components, players gained the remarkable ability to elevate a humble Bronze central midfielder to the coveted status of a Gold card. This innovation not only breathed new life into lower-tier player cards but also gave players the power to personalize and enhance their squads like never before.

Simultaneously, the introduction of Pacey Protector was nothing short of a revelation for those struggling with lumbering and sluggish center backs. This potent enhancement enabled these defenders to shed their ponderous demeanor and evolve into quick, dominant forces at the heart of the defense. The agility and pace infused into these center backs proved to be a game-changer in thwarting opposition attacks and launching counter-attacks, significantly impacting the tactical dynamics of the game.


With Evolutions, EA FC 24 gave players remarkable diversity and adaptability options. Players were spoiled for choice as they explored multiple positions and playstyles to fine-tune their squads. Whether it was reshaping an attacker into a versatile forward capable of playing multiple positions in the front line or morphing a midfielder into a well-rounded playmaker, EA FC 24 Evolutions allowed gamers to experiment with various strategies and positions to suit their preferred playing style.

What's The Problem, Then?

While EA FC 24 Evolutions brought the game some glowing reviews from devoted FIFA fans, players have been anxiously awaiting new Evolutions since the early access period kicked off with EA FC 24 on September 22. As the days pass without any updates on the next batch of Evolution content, the patience is unsurprisingly dwindling.

A member of the FC 24 community, Zinhja, expressed frustration at the developers, pointing out that EA had stated in their Pitch Notes that players could expect weekly additions to the Evolution feature throughout the season. The FUT trader, however, lamented that the last update to the Evolutions was approximately 2.5 weeks ago, which did not align with the promised weekly releases. To support their argument, Zinhja referred to a statement from the developers that had mentioned the introduction of a total of 12 Evolutions within the “Welcome to Club” Season.

New EA FC 24 Evolutions Content: What Are The Developers Saying?

Fortunately, there's been a recent communication from the developers suggesting that the next batch of Evolution content is imminent, and the wait is expected to be rewarded.

In an exclusive conversation with Dexerto, Garreth Reeder, the Senior Producer for EA FC 24, revealed plans for an exciting feature in the pipeline. According to Reeder, the next phase in the Evolution system will allow players to continue improving Evolved players by incorporating them into new Evolution cycles. He also disclosed that more Evolutions are currently in development, offering fans the opportunity to reutilize cards they've already upgraded for another round of enhancements.

EA Sports should prioritize more regular updates for EA FC 24 Evolutions because players have high expectations for this feature. The delay in releasing new content has caused frustration and impatience within the community. To maintain player engagement and satisfaction, EA Sports must adhere to their promised schedule of weekly Evolutions updates, ensuring that players can consistently enhance and evolve their cards, thereby keeping the game fresh and exciting.



EA FC 24 Evolutions: One Step Away From Greatness
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