EA FC 24 Chemistry System Explained

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EA FC 24 Chemistry System Explained

The new EA FC 24 Chemistry System is making huge waves in the coming year. Here’s what you need to know about the new system at what it means for EA FC 24 and beyond. 

Chemistry has been a major part of FIFA Ultimate Team since the beginning. Being one of the major foundations of any team, a high chemistry rating is critical to the performance, and ultimately the success of your Ultimate Team squad. Chemistry has been mostly unchanged since the earliest iterations of Ultimate Team, but EA FC 24 brings a massive change and complete overhaul to the system.

EA FC 24 Chemistry System

Possibly the biggest change to note is the removal of team chemistry. In previous FIFA’s, teams could reach a maximum of 100 chemistry. since FIFA 23, this is no longer the case, and players will have to focus on building individual player chemistry instead of the complete team.

  • Players can earn up to 3 Chemistry Points by having players of the same Nationality/Region, League, and Club in your Starting XI.
  • Positional links have been completely removed, and your Players can now link regardless of their position on the pitch.
  • Players have preferred and alternate positions.
  • Overall Squad Chemistry has been removed, so you only need to focus on building individual Chemistry for each player.
  • We’ve removed the negative impact to Attributes caused by low Chemistry, so players will always play with at least their Item’s Attributes.
  • The Loyalty system has been removed.

Earning Chemistry

Players can earn chemistry in EA FC 24 by adding players of the same club, nationality, and league to their squad. These players no longer have to link directly to each other in a positional sense, and instead can be anywhere in the starting XI. The levels of chemistry (1 to 3) are reached by adding more players to these criteria.

As you can see in the image below, the game will tell you what you need to hit your next objective. The aim is to encourage you to mix your team up, and not use players from the same club.

ea fc 24 chemistry

To earn one chemistry, your team must have either two players of the same club or nationality or three from the same league. For two chemistry, this increases to four from Club, and five from nationality or league. Finally, to earn three and full chemistry, your team must feature seven players from the same club or eight from the same nationality or league.

However, these chemistry points will be added up. So if you have a player that has two fellow players from the same club and nationality and three from the same league, you will earn one point for each. This will be added up to the maximum of three chemistry points.

EA FC 24 Chemistry improve the game

The new EA FC 24 Chemistry system is a game-changer for the series, as seen in FIFA 23. While it was confusing at first, the system has a lot of positives. No longer are people locked into a league or nation, now players can build fun hybrid squads based on links within the team they pick. Crucially, the new system is a lot better for more casual players, as it allows people who “play for free” to build good chemistry without spending a fortune on cards in the Transfer Market on day one.

The system also removes the focus on needing certain key players. No longer does Jude Bellingham or Harry Kane, English players outside of the Premier League become 1 million coins players due to their hybrid potential. While these cards are still expensive, they're not as necessary as before to create exciting teams.

EA FC 24 Chemistry System Explained
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