All 10 Dragons Dogma 2 Vocations Explained

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All 10 Dragons Dogma 2 Vocations Explained

There are 10 Vocations available in Dragons Dogma 2. Find out what they are and which one's the right one for you.

Dragons Dogma 2 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated RPGs of the year. After we had banger, after banger, after banger these past few months, Capcom is planning to close out the Japanese RPG winter seasons with the sequel to their 2012 classic.

And while some have changed between the first and second installments, the vocation system remains the star of the show. So we've compiled everything you need to know about the 10 launch Vocations of Dragons Dogma 2.

Dragons Dogma 2 Vocations Explained

Vocations are Dragons Dogma 2's Job/Class system. It's the core of your character's abilities and allows you to learn new abilities and raise stats according to your vocation. At the start, you'll be able to pick one out of 4 starting vocations which are also available for your pawns, the AI companions.

6 advanced vocations can only be used by the player character, the Arisen. these can be unlocked in the later stages of the game and give you access to even more powerful specializations. They are either hybrids of the starting vocations or an advanced/unique version of them.

Dragons Dogma 2 All Vocations

Here are all 10 Vocations available in Dragons Dogma 2.


The Archer uses a bow and arrow to rain down hell on any monster giving you trouble. They keep to the back while targeting the enemy's weak spots. They also have a variety of abilities that allow them to take out multiple enemies at once. The class is also extremely mobile which allows them to be all over the battlefield.


The Fighter uses a sword and shield and is on paper your run-of-the-mill knight class. If you have played Dragons Dogma and Dark Arisen, you might notice that this interaction now has some of the traits of the Mystic Knight Vocation which encourages them to parry and pick their moment to strike. They excel in one one-on-one combat but also require good reflexes to be played effectively.


The Mage uses a variety of spells to buff and heal their party. Moreso than the Archer it is a support vocation through and through that focuses on defensive and support magic. That doesn't mean they can't hold their own in battle through, as they can sling spells left and right if the situation demands it.


Fast and elusive, the Thief uses two daggers to zip across the field of battle and deal massive damage left right, and center. If you have ever considered playing the fantasy version of a blender, this is the vocation for you. They are extremely versatile in battle and a must-have if you want to scale enemies and attack or expose their weapons.

Mystic Spearhand

A new vocation in Dragons Dogma 2 is the Mystic Spearhand which uses a double spear in combat. Its main ability is a spin on Devil May Cry's Devil Bringer ability which allows the player to either get quickly to the enemy or pull them towards themselves. This makes the Vocation a menace in most situations as mobility and fast attacks can dismantle any crowd or large enemy in no time.

Magick Archer

Take an Archer, send them to Hogwarts and you'll get the Magick Archer. This Vocation offers homing arrows, supportive spells via arrow to the knee, and even full-on magical laser barrages to those who want to master it. Just like the Archer and Mage, this support class offers the best of both worlds alongside massive damage.


The Trickster is an all-new Vocation to Dragons Dogma 2 and offers a completely new spin on combat. Instead of fighting yourself, the Trickster uses magic to control enemies and manipulate them to do their bidding. It can create powerful illusions that will fool even the largest monsters and even offer supportive abilities for the rest of the party.


The Sorcerer asks, what if Mage but stronger? Instead of relying on support abilities, the Sorcerer employs big magic spells that will rip any goblin or golem apart. You can summon tornadoes to disperse a crowd, meteor showers to bring down griffins and dragons, or use powerful ice magic to create new paths across dangerous terrain.


The Warrior lets everyone cosplay as their favorite man with a big sword, Guts. Every would-be dragonslayer fantasizes about swinging a weapon about their size and cleaving even the mightiest foes apart. Timing, charge, and execution become the name of the game and allow Warriors to cleave even what man should not be able to kill in half with one blow.


Another new Vacation is the Warfarer. Unlike the other Vocation, this one is unique and lets the Arisen pick and choose any ability they have learned on other vocations. The dream of becoming Devil May Cry's Dante in a fantasy world is now a reality. Pair the most broken abilities you can find and create something so unholy that the dragon will consider giving you back your heart.

And that is all you need to know about the Vocations of Dragons Dogma 2 ahead of the launch. We'll have more guides, tips, and info as soon as the game releases here on ESTNN.

All 10 Dragons Dogma 2 Vocations Explained
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