DraftKings Casino Review: Is it a trustworthy online casino?

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DraftKings Casino Review: Is it a trustworthy online casino?

Our DraftKings review today explores all of their casino facilities, ranging from roulette, blackjack, and slot machine gaming. We’ll also aim to highlight how they've managed to double their stock price in the first half of 2023 and what’s behind this sensational growth.

DraftKings Review: Current Bonuses & Promotions

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Bonuses at DraftKings 

As DraftKings explore further into the market and begin to make some serious ground on some of the biggest global competition, their ability to create an enticing bonus offer is important. One of the key things about this bonus offer that we like is that it doesn't restrict you from playing certain casino games. You can use your matched deposit to play whatever game you like. Some casino bonuses will have you playing dozens of spins before you can access your cash out, but the bonus is part of what makes DraftKing reliable and allows you to use your bonus on whatever game you like.

Draftkings promotions

There's a lot of hype about DraftKings at the moment. It's always a good idea to check on the latest bonus codes they offer, as it is a market that can rapidly change quickly. However, DraftKings is one provider that occasionally gives their existing customers bonuses. While this might sound like a basic requirement, a surprising number of casinos will give you a great welcome bonus just to get you in the door. Once you're in, they will not provide you with any once you use their service.

DraftKings Casino Games And Providers

As you'd expect, with one of the biggest gambling names in the States, casino games are plentiful, and the providers of these games are some of the most prominent in the entire sector. DraftKings reliable service is growing so exponentially because it's difficult to find one of the top gaming providers missing from their site. Whether it's the staggering range of live table games, poker tournaments, roulette games (virtual and live), or blackjack games. There is so much to choose from, and by establishing these strategic partnerships, all parties involved benefit from a swelling customer base.

DraftKings Casino Review

The casino itself is a true example of how an online casino should look. The slot games are probably the highlight of the top-notch service on offer. There's something for all slot machine games. Whether you prefer to play Roman or Greek mythology-themed or more traditional games like fruit-themed slots or traditional 3×3 reels doesn't matter. There are so many slot games on the DraftKings website that it is a jewel in the crown of their fantastic casino offering. It's a rare combination of quality and quantity. Considering how visible DraftKings are as a company, sponsoring many of the biggest sporting events in the US, and a company that is exploding in value on the stock market, you can see how this is trickling down to the design and feel of their website and app.

games draftkings

Of course, when we review DraftKings, we aren't just honing in on the available slot games; the whole package is excellent. The casino has a fairly minimalist design, it's basic, but the games are well-signposted, which is what you want from a casino provider. While there's not the sort of range for roulette, blackjack, and poker tables as you would find in the slot machine sector, it's apples and oranges. There doesn't need to be 200 roulette tables to choose from because the game remains the same. While there might be some slight changes, such as virtual roulette, there aren't any significant changes to the basic spine of the game. However, slot machines have many more different caveats and themes to contend with.

Dodging pop-ups and taking ten minutes to find the games you want is a chaotic approach to what should be a streamlined and accessible interface, and that's precisely what DraftKings offer. The amount of table games on offer is a respectable number, and the amount of variety within the slot machine sector is something that hasn't just grabbed our attention but has been discussed at length online on social media and in other reviews.

Slot machines at DraftKings Casino

Even though we examined the entire broad range available on the site as part of our DraftKings casino review, we couldn't help but notice how many slot games were available. You're not going to be found wanting if you prefer slot gaming. Over 800 individual titles, from Twiggy's Coconuts to Monster Mash, are available. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Other popular games include Loki's Luck, a unique slot game on DraftKings that draws a core audience.

Slots at draftkings

DraftKings reliable sportsbook is what gives them their strong reputation in the industry. It's actually surprising how many slot games are available. Even compared to some of the biggest names in the industry, we think DraftKings surpasses them just by the colossal scope on display. We have singled out a few of the ones we prefer. However, for those of you who prefer mythology slots, fruit-themed, Wild West, or dozens of others. Regardless of the theme you like, there is an embarrassment of riches in the slot gaming sector on DraftKings. Finding a balance is important, and setting your time limits is crucial. We can appreciate that if you have a wide range of games to choose from and are partial to slot gaming, it can be easy to spend too much time on the site or app and get carried away. The responsible gambling tools at DraftKings are easy to use. Simply select the time and deposit limits and action it. Once you set them up, you cannot amend them for 24 hours, so ensure that you're setting appropriate limits.

DraftKings Review Of Table Games

After checking out the slot games, the benchmark was set high. Usually, a casino provider, even the size of DraftKings, will have one overarching element of the casino: the big selling point. We'd say the slot games are the best that it gets. Our DraftKings review examines all aspects subjectively, and although the table games are fantastic, there's more range with the slot games.

That said, although the table games aren't as bountiful, they don't particularly need to be. We mentioned this in our last paragraph. Table-based casino games don't need to fall into any sort of bracket or genre or have expansive mini-games. They're based on original designs, some of which are over 100 years old and have worked for generations. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This is what Draftkings understand when it comes to table games. They aren't trying to do anything too dramatic or spectacular. They're simply providing a platform for people who enjoy casino gaming to experience the game in the simplest and purest form.

So long as you can play across a range of roulette, blackjack, and poker tables, you'll be able to enjoy what is on offer. As a footnote, there are fewer tables than some of the other top competition. So if you're somebody who browses to try and find ample amounts of poker, roulette, and blackjack tables then you might view this as a potential issue.

Mini-games at DraftKings Review

The variety of mini-games at DraftKings stands it apart from many other competitors. Wheel Of Fortune and The Price Is Right are two intriguing titles. In addition, if you're a Slingo fan, you'll be pleased with this their vast selection. With nearly two dozen Slingo games to choose from, no other provider offers such a specific avenue into this niche mini-game. In addition, you can also find Bingo, Keno, and a range of other offerings that you may not be able to locate anywhere else.

DraftKings Rocket game is an intriguing mini-game feature that is straightforward to understand. The animation involves a rocket taking off, and the higher it climbs, the higher the multiplier goes. However, the twist is that the rocket can explode at any time. Theoretically, it could climb to 100x, and you can choose to jump out before it explodes, cashing your winnings.

Conversely, it could explode a few seconds after take off and you lose all of your stake. As with every casino game other than poker, no strategy or technique will ensure you can come away from the game with a profit. Even then, poker has no guarantee, but it just has more skill involved. Rocket game is a game of pure luck, and the rocket randomly explodes based on the algoritihim. In many ways it is similar to a slot machine game, but it is a unique twist and a fresh way to enjoy casino gaming rather than just playing conventional games.

DraftKings Online Casino Providers

To review DraftKings correctly, browsing through the casino providers is a good idea. This can often be a sign of a casino that means business and give you a broader idea of the size of their operation. The casino providers that DraftKings use are some of the most trusted names in the business. Even though the table games might be thin, everything else combined more than makes up for it. Evolution Gaming is the gold standard in live table production. They are the only name that the big operators use, so this is an automatic seal of approval for DraftKings.

DraftKings Review Of Sportsbetting

As an official sponsor of the NFL, DraftKings has made huge progress in sports betting. Most regular gamblers would probably attach them to their sportsbook moreso than their casino offers. However, DraftKings has spent a lot of time and money developing its digital casino to change this rhetoric. DraftKings sportsbooks are an excellent section of their vastly successful business. From NFL markets to NBA games and international sports like soccer.

How do I deposit and withdraw at DraftKings Casino?

As we illustrated earlier, DraftKings have adopted quite a basic, minimalist design for their site. You can deposit your money easily, with a minimum amount of $5. Whether you use a bank transfer, Skrill, credit card, or even a cheque, you can deposit your money onto the site. All you need to do is select the profile drop-down, and “deposit” and “withdraw” are two individual options.

Depositing at DraftKings Casino

Select your payment type once you have selected the deposit, as we have detailed above. When you choose bank transfer, Skrill, or credit card from the drop-down, you can immediately follow the instructions to deposit. The minimum deposit is $5 on Draftkings, which applies across all of their available games, including their sportsbooks. You'll rarely find any issues with depositing at a casino. The harsh truth is that casinos that have issues with accepting money will have a difficult time operating in an industry where payments are generally so easy and seamless across the spectrum.

If, for whatever reason, you're unable to deposit your cash – you can just move on to one of the several dozen competitors. DraftKings wouldn't grow at the astonishing rate they have throughout the first half of 2023 if they had any transaction issues. Nor would they be posting the figures they currently are without having a seamless and frictionless deposit service. We deposited using the vast majority of payment methods, and usually, if there are any problems, they'll be in areas that aren't as well adopted.

However, our review found that the most common depositing methods, such as credit cards and PayPal, posed no issues. Likewise, the other payment methods we used were instant and brought up no problems.

Withdraw from DraftKings Casino

It's worth noting that you can only withdraw via the same method. Although the minimum deposit is $5, you must have $20 to withdraw. This is stipulated in the terms and conditions when you first sign up for their site, but it is important to note down. You can deposit $20 and not spend it, and then withdraw the total amount, but if you're only playing with free bets, you could find your money on the site for longer than anticipated.

However, DraftKings has a quick turnaround, and this isn't too much of an issue in the grand scheme of things. We will not hold it against the site as many of their competitors operate similarly. It's industry standard, but sometimes the minimum withdrawal amounts will differ depending on the provider you gamble with. So long as your account is verified, you should receive your withdrawal within a few hours max. If you're using a less well-known payment method, the withdrawal might go through some additional checks, but the maximum you should be waiting will be three business days.

If you have had a big win, sometimes these payments will need to be signed off specifically, and they might take slightly longer than normal. Again, this is standard practice across all casinos, so this is more of a standard point to consider and is more general within the industry than a specific criticism of DraftKings.

Is DraftKings Casino Legal And Secure?

Yes, as one of the biggest names in betting and a chief sponsor of the NFL, DraftKings is secure and legal. A company like DraftKings wouldn't be running a highly successful and exponentially growing enterprise if they weren't safe or legal. But depending on where you live, it is a good idea to check out the local legislation regarding casino gaming. Even if you live in an area where digital casino is legal, at the moment, DraftKings casino only legally operates in five states.

In which state is DraftKings Casino Bookmaker legal?

At the time of writing, DraftKings Casino is licensed and regulated in five states: New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania Michigan West Virginia The sportsbook is legal in 21 states, of course, where DraftKings has a more recognizable area of gambling. This is among the highest you'll find out of any established provider. However, they've started to pivot some of this cash into their casino division and there are plans to branch out the service to as many digital casino states as possible. However, this situation can change quickly, so it's always best to double-check regulations before you place your bet.

It is a multi-billion dollar sector, and by all measurements, it is set to continue growing. With so much money on the line, more US states are looking to legalize online gambling to benefit from the available tax base. Therefore, expect this number to continue rising.

Customer service at DraftKings Casino

DraftKings has a comprehensive FAQ that covers a large selection of common questions. However, our DraftKings review did find some issues with the speed and variety of the customer service options. A few gamblers online have cited this as an issue too. Given that DraftKings has so much to offer, we imagine they'll soon clear this up and offer a broad range of live chat, phone, and e-mail options where you can converse with an agent directly.

Playing at DraftKings Casino On Mobile

Nothing really stands out with the DraftKings casino on mobile. The iOS App offers the same service as the desktop; there aren't any noticeable or apparent issues with the service. Generally speaking, it's difficult to find any serious issues with a company that is as well-established as DraftKings – and the same applies to their competition.

If a company makes seven-figure monthly profits, it will redirect funds back into its mobile app to ensure it is fit for purpose. Mobile casino gaming is the number one way people play casino games, and this preference will continue its uptrend. Our world is becoming more mobile-centric, and whether it's smartphones or tablets, it appears that the industry's future, at least in the short term, is mobile casino gaming.

DraftKings reliable reputation follows them around in this industry. The sportsbook, casino and mobile casino offerings are all of a major quality. We tried a range of games and tables and experienced no problems. This was the same with an iPhone, iPad, or a PC/laptop.

Our Final DraftKings Casino Review

Overall, DraftKings could expand it's live tables options and customer service desk. You'd expect more in these two areas for a company with such a huge name. But these really aren't the two worst things in the world. You don't need dozens of live tables to choose from; it is excessive. So long as you have half a dozen or so, there's no real need to go beyond that. So while we have listed it is a criticism, some people might see this as a positive.

In addition, the customer service desk is contactable, and they don't leave you waiting for days for a generic e-mail response. While not many providers out there would do that, you'd be surprised at the lack of service from some digital operators. So again, even though DraftKings could bolster their customer service, you can speak to somebody when you want to fairly quickly. Ultimately, these are the only two sections that need tending to – everything else is excellent. To end on a high note, the slot machine choice is a serious high point and is among the best we have seen.

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