Dr Disrespect And Ferg To Battle In COD Mobile On May 24

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Dr Disrespect And Ferg To Battle In COD Mobile On May 24

Witness the epic battle between Dr Disrespect and Ferg.

Dr Disrespect and Ferg are finally settling off the heat that started back in November 2020 after a controversial tweet by Dr Disrespect, where he shared thoughts about how he doesn’t consider mobile gaming a serious thing. In response, Ferg, a professional COD Mobile player from Tribe Gaming, called him out for a 1v1 and gave him an option to play on PC.

Activision has finally announced the Call of Duty: Mobile 80's Throwdown Battle Royale Kill Race event, in which Dr Disrespect and Ferg will play COD Mobile separately on different servers while communicating with each other through voice chat. Fans can enjoy the head-to-head battle between these two stars on the Call of Duty: Mobile Esports YouTube channel on May 24 at 11 AM (PT).

Although there’s not been much information revealed about the event and its format, as per the official announcement, whoever gets the most kills, wins. The clash between Dr Disrespect and Ferg has reached new heights, and so is the heat between both personalities.

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