Dota Underlords: Underlord Anessix Revealed

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Dota Underlords: Underlord Anessix Revealed

This week has been packed with Underlords leaks from Valve. After lettings us know about some of the new heroes and Alliances, they’ve also leaked out the first two real Underlords – Hobgen and Anessix.

Similar to the other Underlord, this one will also have its own set of skills and talents. As we mentioned yesterday, the players will be able to tweak them in order to suit their strategy. In order to use their skills, the Underlrods use a specific resource called Hype.

Anessix will have the ability to summon demons to fight by her side. However, unlike Hobgen, this Underlord seems to focus more on the defensive part of the game. Her passive skill generates additional Hype for every single Demon on the board.


So far, we know that Anessix will have a couple of skills. The first one is called Matyr’s Boon and it heals her allies by sacrificing her ow health. On the other hand, Pure Pain is a damage skill that allows Anessix to deal pure damage to an enemy for a brief period of time.

In terms of ultimates, she will have two of them. The first one goes by the name Enthrall and it basically puts the mark on a target that will be attacked by her army. If it dies, she will “revive” that unit and claim it as a Demon to fight by her side.

The other ultimate is called Summon Demonic Golem and it will probably function in the same way as Warlock’s ult.

The Big Update will soon be knocking on the door. Be sure to check all the leaks again so that you are prepared for what is to come.

Dota Underlords: Underlord Anessix Revealed
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