Dota Underlords loses over 90% of its peak players

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Dota Underlords loses over 90% of its peak players

After the initial hype, Valve’s Auto Battler is slowly fading away.

2019 was a very interesting year for gaming. We saw many interesting games, some of which became huge hits. One of the highlights of the year, especially in the first couple of months, was Dota 2 Auto Chess. This custom game in Dota 2 created an entirely new genre of games called Auto Battlers.

After seeing the success of it, Valve, as well as other companies, decided to create their own versions of it. While they all succeeded in the beginning, it seems like the hype is slowly fading away.

Valve’s Project

Valve’s standalone game, Dota Underlords hasn't hit a peak. It's the opposite. Despite receiving constant updates, small tournaments, and more, the game is just slowly dying. Judging by the Steam Charts, the game lost over 90% of its initial peak players.

What went wrong?

Dota Underlords is a really good game, there is no arguing that. However, it seems like the average gamer is just not interested in it as he used to be. In fact, the total amount of players is dropping every single week and is now around 11K, which is very, very low. As a comparison, there were over 200K people playing in the beginning.

It seems like slowly but steadily, Dota Underlords will follow Artifacts’ destiny. Although it's something no one wants to see, it is a very likely scenario.

The worst thing about all this is that Dota Undelords is actually a pretty good game. Valve is doing everything they can to make it even better with constant updates. Nevertheless, it seems like the gaming community is just not interested in this genre anymore.

It's important to note that the Auto Battlers are thriving in China. The creators of the original Auto Chess have a stand-alone game that’s available in China and if we believe the reports, it brings together millions of people. In fact, there was even a huge tournament with a massive prize pool just last month.

We can only hope that the situation will get better over time. However, so far, it doesn’t seem like it will.

Dota Underlords loses over 90% of its peak players
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