Dota 2 Patch 7.34 Item Changes: Biggest Winners and Losers

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Dota 2 Patch 7.34 Item Changes: Biggest Winners and Losers

Dive into Dota 2 Patch 7.34 with our detailed analysis of the most impactful item changes and discover the biggest winners and losers of the Patch

Valve has just released the 7.34 Patch update for Dota 2. This is done just 2 months before The International (TI), which will kick off on October 12. Valve aims to bring balance, add novelty, and keep the player base engaged with every Patch. Patch 7.34 is no exception. Amidst the plethora of item changes introduced, a few have emerged as the standouts, both in positive and negative lights. Here's our take on the items that have gained and lost the most in this Patch.

Biggest Winners of Dota 2 Patch 7.34

Here are the items which received the biggest buffs in this 7.34 Patch.

  • Hand of Midas – Now comes with the ability to hold 2 charges, even though it initially starts with 1. The addition of an extra charge brings increased flexibility to the user. Players can now time the usage better, resulting in improved gold and experience gains. Charge restore time is 100s.

  • Rod of Atos – The recipe was reworked, making it 500 gold cheaper. Though it lost some of its intelligence bonus and also no longer provides strength and agility bonuses, the new +300 Health bonus makes it a more versatile pick, especially for Heroes that need a mix of utility and survivability.

  • Arcane Blink – Now restores 200 Health and 100 Mana upon use, offering more than just positioning advantage. This restoration can be a game-changer in extended fights.

  • Holy Locket – Now fully restores its charges of Energy Charge when refreshed. This change can amplify the sustainability of teams in prolonged fights.

  • Abyssal Blade & Skull Basher – Both items received damage buffs, making them even more formidable. Abyssal Blade went from +30 to +35 damage, while Skull Basher jumped from +25 to +30.

  • Spirit Vessel – Recipe changed. It now requires Urn of Shadows (880), Crown (450), Crown (450), and Recipe (1200). While it no longer provides a direct Health bonus, the All Attributes bonus was increased from +2 to +12. Spirit Vessel now offers more rounded stats, benefiting not just a Hero's Health but also their Mana pool, attack speed, and damage.

Dota 2 Patch 7.34 Item Changes: Biggest Winners and Loosers

Neutral Item Winners

Some neutral items also received a heavy buff. Let’s have a look at the biggest neutral item winners of the Dota 2 Patch 7.34.

  • Seeds of Serenity – Health Regen bonus increased from +3 to +4. While a seemingly minor change, this buff makes Seeds of Serenity a better option for sustain in the early to mid-game, especially for offlaners and tanky Heroes who benefit greatly from additional Health regen.

  • Specialist’s Array – All Attributes bonus increased from +5 to +7. The enhancement to the Specialist's Array stands out in this Patch. This buff makes it more favorable for Heroes that benefit from an all-around stat increase.

  • Havoc Hammer – Now pulls in nearby enemies instead of pushing them. The change from a push to a pull mechanic can set up team fights or secure kills more effectively, making it a more strategic choice in skirmishes.

  • Ogre Seal Totem – The Mana Cost of ‘Ogre Seal Flop' decreased from 75 to 25. This reduction makes it much more spammable, especially for strength and agility Heroes with typically lower Mana pools.

Dota 2 Patch 7.34 Item Changes: Biggest Winners and Losers

Biggest Losers of Dota 2 Patch 7.34

Here are the items which received the biggest nerfs in this 7.34 Patch.

  • Smoke of Deceit – Disguise Duration increased from 35s to 45s. While this might seem like a buff, the added stipulation that the caster, when disguised, can pass on the buff to allies within a 300 range of them (and this buff cannot be reapplied if broken) adds a layer of complexity. The added buff to allies can be a double-edged sword. While it can be advantageous, it might also unintentionally reveal a sneaky player if an ally comes too close.

  • Overwhelming Blink – The upfront damage has been significantly reduced to 100 + 50% of Strength. However, it now also deals 100% of Strength as damage over the duration of the debuff. The substantial reduction in instant damage makes Overwhelming Blink less potent as an immediate burst tool, which many strength-based initiators or cores relied on for a powerful opening salvo.

  • Nullifier – It no longer purges debuff immune targets, reducing its effectiveness against Heroes with innate debuff immunity or those carrying a Black King Bar. This narrows the scope of Nullifier's effectiveness, making it a more situational pick.

  • Harpoon – The “Draw Forth” ability now comes with a 50 Mana cost. Introducing a Mana cost to a previously free ability can be seen as a clear nerf. This change will particularly affect Heroes with already constrained Mana pools who often integrated Harpoon into their itemization. Dota 2 Patch 7.34 Item Changes: Biggest Winners and Losers

Neutral Item Losers

Some neutral items also received a heavy nerf. Let’s have a look at the neutral items that suffered the most in the Dota 2 Patch 7.34.

  • Arcane Ring – The cooldown for ‘Replenish Mana' has been increased from 45s to 60s. This reduces the frequency at which Heroes can get that little boost in Mana, which is especially crucial in the early game.

  • Occult Bracelet – Magic Resistance bonus decreased from +10% to +5%. This makes it a less attractive option for those looking for early-game magic damage mitigation.

  • Pig Pole – All Attributes bonus decreased from +6 to +5. Although it's a minor nerf, in the grand scheme of neutral items, every point matters. Other items might overshadow it due to this slight decrease.

  • Trickster Cloak – Both Evasion and Magic Resistance bonuses were reduced by 3%. The dual defensive properties of this item took a hit, making it a tad less effective at providing overall survivability.

  • Ring Of Aquila – Aquila Aura Bonus Mana Regen decreased from +1.25 to +1. Although seemingly minor, the decrease in Mana regeneration can have significant implications, especially during the early game laning phase. Heroes that relied on the Ring of Aquila for that extra bit of Mana regen might find themselves short of Mana in crucial moments.


The Dota 2 Patch 7.34 has brought a whirlwind of changes, shaking up the meta and forcing players to rethink their strategies. From the buffs that elevate certain items to newfound prominence to the nerfs that potentially sideline others, this Patch will undeniably leave a lasting impact on gameplay. For players, the key will be to stay informed, flexible, and open to experimenting as the meta continues to evolve. We will regularly upload guides and strategies for this Patch, so stay tuned!


Dota 2 Patch 7.34 Item Changes: Biggest Winners and Losers
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