Dota 2 News: Goryachaya Shutcka named partner of the EPICENTER Major 2019

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Dota 2 News: Goryachaya Shutcka named partner of the EPICENTER Major 2019

According to a press release from the organization, Russian frozen foods brand Goryachaya Shutcka will sponsor the EPICENTER Major.

In a press release this morning, EPICENTER named Goryachaya Shutcka an official partner of the upcoming EPICENTER Major.

The brand, translated “Hot Stuff,” will host several online events for both online viewers and fans that attend the Major tournament. That said, Goryachaya Shutcka is not new to the esports scene; the brand made inroads into esports throughout 2018.

Denis Marasov, Marketing Department Director of ABI Products, had this to say on the partnership:

“‘Goryachaya Shtuchka'” is one of ABI Product’s strategic brands. From the very beginning, the brand has been surrounded by an aura of innovation and even rebelliousness… As of now, there are more than 12 million esports fans in Russia alone, and this number just keeps growing. We are planning to broaden “Goryachaya Shtuchka’s” presence in the esports community, introducing [the] brand to the gamers via new channels and promotional activities.”

The Dota 2 EPICENTER Major 2019 runs from 22-30th of June in Moscow, Russia.

Image VIA: Goryachaya Shutcka

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