Dashy Talks OpTic Chicago’s Season So Far, Online COD & Returning to LAN

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Dashy Talks OpTic Chicago’s Season So Far, Online COD & Returning to LAN

Dashy speaks on OpTic’s season so far, and much more.

Recently, ESTNN got to speak with OpTic Chicago’s Brandon “Dashy” Otell about OpTic’s season so far, Online COD vs LAN, how he got the nickname Bruce, and much more.

You can listen to the full interview below:

2020 vs 2021

How are you enjoying the move from 5v5 to 4v4 competitive COD?

“In general it's just so much better for COD, it's easier to watch and it's better to play so just making that change I think is a step in the right direction for the future. With the chaos of last year's game being super hectic, I'm just glad we're back.”

You came onto a squad of Scump, Formal and Envoy. How has this season been on this squad?

“The guys have been great. We've been looking pretty good in scrims but I mean those are just screams we’ve got to actually perform when the majors come. That's the only thing that matters, but so far it's been pretty good.”

Dashy’s Cold War Season

You currently sit with the second highest overall K/D in the league at 1.14. Do you think Cold War has been one of your best competitive games?

“It's tough to say, but I think I'm super well-rounded in this game. It's a different style of play compared to the other Call of Duty's, usually AR’s are more dominant whereas this year I’d say they’re evenly matched with the sub. So I think I'm pretty well-rounded this year.”

OpTic have been dominant on Checkmate all season with a 20-8 record. What makes you so good at that map?

“Checkmate has a really good dynamic for our team. We have someone like Scump that's in the plane wreaking havoc, Formal with the AR taking care of both lanes and then Envoy making plays all over the map so while it’s kind of an AR map, there's some sub lanes for us to make plays in.”

We haven't seen Snipers this year in the CDL. Known as one of the best Snipers in the game, have you missed being able to snipe this year?

“Oh absolutely I miss it. It's one of those elements in SnD that as a spectator I used to always root for the sniper to go off and make a crazy play and get a clip. At LAN events, hearing the crowd is such a cool moment. Do I think it's going to return this year? Obviously I hope so, I don't think it is but hopefully with the next season it'll be back in because I think it belongs in SnD. Hopefully next season.”

How Dashy Became Batman

Your nickname Bruce, Batman. How did that come about?

“People that know me know that my sleep schedule isn't the best. Back in the day I used to wake up at 5/6pm and then an hour later hop to some pro eights. So obviously just getting out of bed my voice was pretty deep and it was on stream, so Saints was like, yo, is that Bruce Wayne and he said “I'm going to call you Bruce from now on.” I didn't think anything of it, and then later,  Doug, who was my teammate at the time called me Bruce. So Doug called me Bruce and everyone was tweeting about it and was all over like the Teamspeak and all the other pros called me Bruce. I didn't mind it because I didn't think it was anything serious. And then when I joined OpTic, Scump called me Bruce and that's when it exploded and then everyone started calling me Bruce, even when I went to events people thought I was like my actual name.”

OpTic’s Stage 4

You were extremely dominant in Control at the start of the year, but are currently 3-1 in Stage 4. Why is that?

“Some of those control losses are just us getting lazy. It's one of those game modes that you have to put 100% effort. We made some poor plays and it led to us losing maps.”

You take on LA Thieves on Sunday night. How are you feeling heading into that match?

“We're obviously super confident going into that match. We just need to play as a team and play together. We haven't really seen a lot with that specific four because they've been switching rosters this whole year. I think we've played all four of them this year on that roster in different teams when they're not together. I don't know how it's gonna play out with those four but it should be interesting on Sunday for sure.”

Returning to LAN

We return to LAN for the Stage 4 Major. How excited are you to get back on the Main Stage?

“I'm super excited to get back to LAN. Online COD has been tough for sure. It hasn't been the best experience so I'm super excited to get back to LAN.It’s fair play and later on like as we get deeper into these tournaments fans will be back, so I’m excited for sure.”

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