Crowd Goes Wild After Atlanta Faze Sweep Optic Gaming 3-0

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Crowd Goes Wild After Atlanta Faze Sweep Optic Gaming 3-0

With a home-field advantage for the Atlanta FaZe, fan-favorite Optic Gaming LA had a lot to live up to, especially with a boisterous screaming crowd chanting behind them.

Round 1

Atlanta started strong right at the get-go, locking in a ten-point lead against Los Angeles early on in the Hardpoint round. That lead grew to over forty points for the Faze, with Optic slowly climbing back with a strong defensive hold in the Azhir cave. However, that didn’t mean a lot with the boundless offensive energy Atlanta continued to dish out, keeping a whole lot of strength towards the front of the cave.
Optic continued to get demolished, down by more than fifty points with less than four minutes left in the game. Simp scored a brilliant triple kill for Atlanta, as their lead became a total of over one hundred points. Cave West was pretty much owned by the Faze for the rest of the match, as the first round was a total blowout for Atlanta, taking the win from Optic Gaming LA, making it a 1 – 0 game.

Round 2

The name of the game of this round was Search and Destroy, with both teams drawing heavy sniper fire in the middle of the map. With fifty seconds left, both teams kept each of their players alive, but that all changed as Simp shot across the field with great success. Atlanta ended up taking the win in the first round and Priestahh scored first blood in the second round as his teammates closed in on Team Optic with offensive intensity. The next two rounds were easy sweeps for Atlanta, as Simp continued to guide his team into the lead, racking up a terrific display of kills in the process. Dashy got the first blood for Optic in the fourth round, and with time against them, Atlanta ended up losing the round, giving Optic their first-round win (the game now 3 – 1 ). Optic took the next round as well, with the Los Angeles team finding their footing against a newly-found lack of Atlanta defense. With Slasher as the last player left alive, he went down swinging in a heated 2 v 1 set up, giving Atlanta a 4 – 2 lead.

The next round was another tough battle of offensive strongholds, but Optic swept up their competition with well-balanced ease, making sure to stay safe and not spread out from their teammates. However, once the Faze picked up the next round win, making it a 5 – 3 game, there was little chance for Optic to bounce back as well as they had before, as Priestahh made his way through the trenches to take down Dashy in record time. Atlanta won the Search and Destroy match, 6 – 3, making it a 2 – 0 game overall.

Round 3

The name of the game was Domination, with Optic Gaming starting with a strong amount of kills early on. However, the teams were neck and neck throughout most of the match, with Optic holding the lead by less than three points for most of the match. The game was tied 24 – 24 as Atlanta quickly and quietly shot ahead with a destructive lead over Los Angeles. That lead grew to ten points as the game pressed forward, with Cellium scoring a 5 person multi-kill just in the nick of time for Atlanta.
The Faze ended up with a twenty-point advantage as both teams switched sides, each of them seeming fearless with the offensives they put forward. Both Points B and C were secured by Atlanta, but the game was truly a battle for total kills as Optic grew back to strength with some mid map pressure and a solid defense. The Atlanta Faze ended up sweeping the series, 3 – 0, with barely any semblance of success headed towards Optic Gaming LA.

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