CompLexity Gaming Reveals Rebranding & Team Manifesto

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CompLexity Gaming Reveals Rebranding & Team Manifesto

Complexity Gaming, one of esports’ longest-running organizations, announced a total rebrand today, complete with a new logo, jerseys and merchandise.

Complexity Gaming announced a full rebrand today to coincide with the organizations move to their new headquarters, the GameStop Performance Center. The new design mirrors that of Complexity’s sister team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Complexity New Merch and Logo

In addition to the rebranding, Complexity also revealed its Esports 3.0 Manifesto, “This is Our Game.” The new direction is player-centric, pushing for esports players to be treated as professional sports athletes.

Complexity Manifesto

“We’re not just changing a logo. We are building upon Complexity’s legacy as an innovator in the space by paving the way yet again,” said Jason Lake, Founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming, in a press release. “This expanded vision takes everything we have learned over the course of the last 16 years as a premier esports organization and uplevels it — setting a new standard and revolutionizing how esports organizations should operate.”

According to the press release, the organization's new logo, the star, represents the brand pillars of Complexity:

  • Competition: Continuing to build competitive teams
  • Community: Engaging esports fans both locally and globally
  • Culture: Addressing the dynamic needs of a diverse and growing audience
  • Cause: Contributing towards meaningful and relevant causes
  • Convergence: Incorporating advances in technology from traditional sports to continue to evolve and reshape the broader esports ecosystem as a whole

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