Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Pros Discuss Their Most Despised CDL Franchise Logo

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Pros Discuss Their Most Despised CDL Franchise Logo

A number of Cal of Duty pros sat down for an interview to discuss some not-so-great CDL logos.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been doing terrifically in the streaming service market. Fans from across the globe have been tuning in to check out their favorite teams fight to the virtual death. And, with that fan favoritism comes an unending series of by-the-numbers promotional videos. The latest of these is with some professional Call of Duty players discussing the “most hated logos” of COD League teams.

CoD Pros Most Hated Logo

This new video details heavy hitters of the COD League. Guys like Prestinni, Attach, and Scump, are getting interviewed here by CDL correspondents. Watching the reactions of each player is satisfying enough itself, especially since every player seems to be surprised that this is even considered a post-game question.

With the number of leaks happening right under Activision/Blizzard’s nose, it is no surprise that the type of material they are posting on social media is so presently tame, even for their standards.

Here is the video (let us know what you think about it):

A lot of shade is thrown towards the New York Subliners and their logo of choice, which Scump aptly describes as “a little radar.” Prestinni carried that same sentiment later on in the piece:

“I’d say probably the New York Subliners… I don’t think many people get the concept there. I have no clue what it means so definitely them.”

Even Attach, the 5x CoD Champion & World Champion, as well as actual New York Subliners player, doesn’t really dig the vibe of his team’s logo choice.

“Yeah I mean Subliners. I don’t really know what it means either, but I like the logo and the colors. But the Subliners word… I don’t really know what it means, so, I can’t blame them (the fans) for not liking it.”

Hey, at least the guy is honest.

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