CoD: Zaptius Joins London Royal Ravens’ Starting Roster

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CoD: Zaptius Joins London Royal Ravens’ Starting Roster

The Royal Ravens make another roster change, bringing WestR teammates back together again.

The London Royal Ravens have been targeting players from WestR ever since the start of the league. PaulEhx was a primary target for them before the start of the season, and when they finally signed him, he proved his worth. Well, the Royal Ravens have just signed another former WestR player in Zaptius, who’ll replace Dylan in the starting lineup.

Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla is a 22-year-old SMG player who has competed under many different rosters. He seemingly found his home on WestR however, where he teamed with current Raven, PaulEhx. After starting his professional career in the 2018 World War 2 season, Zaptius has found most of his success recently, winning four Challengers Cups and Elite Stage 1 with WestR this season,

Zaptius will replace Dylan on the Royal Ravens, joining Zed as his SMG duo. London kicks off their Home Series against OpTic on Friday, so he’ll be thrown straight into the action.

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