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CoD: World Series Of Warzone NA Trios Captains Draft Revealed

A profile photo of team captains, Swagg, Dandangler, Nadeshot, TimTheTatMan and Aydan appear above the list of their selected players. The Call of Duty Warzone logo appears in the top frame of the image along with the words "World Series of Warzone"

Here’s the Captains teams for the first World Series of Warzone event.

With the first World Series of Warzone event kicking off today, we saw the Captains draft go down last night. This event allowed the five captains to draft their teams of 10 Trios for the tournament, where players will be playing for $300K in prize money. Here’s all the drafted teams by the Captains.

Team Swagg

  • Repulze
  • Shadedstep
  • IcemanIsaac
  • SkyrrozTV
  • JKriinkz
  • Smixie
  • BrittneyRaines
  • GabbyDM
  • BossLadyLily

Team DanDangler

  • Destroy
  • TeeP
  • Metaphor
  • JaredFPS
  • Sebas
  • NuFo
  • OpTic Blake
  • RLAW

Team Nadeshot

  • JoeWo
  • Blazt
  • ZooMaa
  • Methodz
  • Xampz
  • FaZe JSmooth
  • Studlie
  • Vinnie
  • ItzLiveee

Team TimtheTatman

  • Tommey
  • Karma
  • ZColorss
  • Theory
  • Sensi Swishem
  • MVS_11
  • Pork
  • Aircool
  • Jordy2D

Team Aydan

  • UnRational
  • Iron
  • Bobbypoff
  • FaZe Bloo
  • Buss
  • Yuhlegit
  • Shawnj Gaming
  • CitizenSnipes
  • BigCheeseKit

Schedule and How to Watch

The first World Series of Warzone event sees Trios go head to head in private matches for $300K USD. The event will be streamed on the Twitch Rivals Twitch Channel, and kick off at 5pm ET. With six matches to play, it’s likely the event will last for a minimum of six hours.

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