CoD: WestR, Orgless & Renegades Win Challengers Cup #2

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CoD: WestR, Orgless & Renegades Win Challengers Cup #2

WestR and Renegades go back to back, while Europe crowns a new champion.

This week was the second Challengers Cup of the season. The Call of Duty League Challengers Cup is a tournament for amateur Call of Duty players, hoping to make it to the professional level. With $2K on the link for the winner in each Cup, it's definitely worth playing. WestR (previously BabyFaZe), Orgless and Renegades took home the victory this week, here’s how they did it.

WestR – North America (B2B)

First off, WestR (previously BabyFaZe) went back to back, winning Challengers Cup #2. The team of PaulEhx, GRVTY, Zapitus and Venom dominated once more, with PaulEhx putting on a show throughout the weekend. He has proved to be one of the best Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players in the early part of the season and will be hoping to get onto a pro team soon. With many Call of Duty League teams not having an academy roster, WestR is looking like the perfect choice as of now.

Orgless – Europe

Nastie, Joshh, Dqvee and Vortex took down RAMS in two best of fives to win Challengers Cup #2. Coming from Team WaR last season, Dqvee and Vortex are used to winning back to back best of fives in the Grand Finals. This experience definitely helped as they completed the feat once more to win the second Challengers Cup. Europe seems to be the most competitive region early on, with multiple different teams reaching the final eight each week.

Renegades – APAC (B2B)

Jazhn stood in for this week's Challengers Cup, however that didn't make a difference. Louqa, Shockz and Fighta performed as usual to win the second Challengers Cup and go back to back. Chiefs came second place, and if last year is anything to go off, this could be a result we see repeated multiple times throughout the season.

While there is no Challengers Cup next weekend, we get to see the Scouting Series during the week. This event sees all of the top Challengers from last season play in a Scouting event where they will be coached by CDL Coaches, giving them an opportunity to see the talent available.

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