CoD: We Are Trying Now Win NA 2021 Challengers Champs

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CoD: We Are Trying Now Win NA 2021 Challengers Champs

The ex-Subliners Academy squad dominate in North America.

With North America fielding the largest amount of talent, including ex-pros in the Challengers scene, we were guaranteed an incredible Champs. With multiple upsets and surprise results, it was We Are Trying Now who came out on top. The ex-Subliners Academy roster of Mohak, Prolute, Spart and Saints dominated, and took home $40K.

We Are Trying Now – NA Champs

While they went 3-0 in the group, We Are Trying Now didn't have an extremely dominant start to Champs as they finished the groups with a 9-2 map record. However, a 3-0 match record saw them enter the Winners Bracket against uT Crew, a tough matchup.

However, a 3-0 sweep made it look easy, and We Are Trying Now moved on to their next opponents, Team Canada. This one came closer, but it was a 3-2 victory that saw the squad advance to Winners Semis. Here, they took on The Professionals, a roster of ex-pros who were benched this year. Well, they made them look like amateurs, with a quick 3-1 victory sending them through to the Winners Finals.

In Winners Finals, We Are Trying Now took on Arial Arise, a surprise competitor in the Top 3. Regardless, they were dispatched of in a quick 3-0, moving onto Grand Finals. Here, it was #1 seed Built By Gamers as their opponents. However, they didnt put up much of a fight, and an easy 3-0 sweep saw We Are Trying Now take the title of NA Champions, and $40K.

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