CoD: Warzone Season 5 Gulag Becomes Classic Black Ops 2 Map

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CoD: Warzone Season 5 Gulag Becomes Classic Black Ops 2 Map

The Gulag changes once again, sticking with the theme of nostalgic BO2 maps.

As we prepare for the launch of Season 5 for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone next week, we have new information on the Gulag. With the Gulag changing every season, we’re not surprised to see Hijacked go as we enter Season 5.

Season 5 Warzone Gulag

While it wasn't a base map in Black Ops 2, the DLC map Rush quickly became a winner with fans. The main paintball area has been remade into the Gulag, allowing players to duck and dive behind cover as they try to win their 1v1.

The fan favorite map has already received a remaster in Black Ops Cold War; it was added to the game during the Season 4 Mid Season update. With fans thoroughly enjoying the comeback of a favorite, we expect this new Gulag to be one of the best yet.

Warzone Season 5 drops on August 12. So be sure to rally the troops as you enter the brand new Gulag.

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