CoD: Venom Replaces Temp On LA Thieves’ Starting Roster

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CoD: Venom Replaces Temp On LA Thieves’ Starting Roster

The youngster replaced Temp going into Stage 2.

The LA Thieves started off the year hot. The team went 4-1 and looked great ahead of the Major. However, their recent performances have lacked, and they currently sit 6-4. In Stage 2 so far, they were taken to a Game Five, Round 11 by Toronto Ultra, and reverse swept by New York Subliners, forcing a roster move.

Carlos “Venom” Hernandez is a 19-year-old SMG player who will come in to replace Donovan “Temp” Laroda on the roster. Venom began competing in the Modern Warfare season and has dominated since his arrival. Playing with the WestR roster, Venom currency sits with four Cup wins and the Stage 1 Elite victory so far in Cold War.

Most of the community knows Venom as one of the best amateurs in the game and will be excited to see him play. His debut will come on Friday, March 29, against the London Royal Ravens.

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