COD Vanguard Returns To Modern Warfare Minimap System

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COD Vanguard Returns To Modern Warfare Minimap System

Vanguard returns to the minimap system used in Modern Warfare.

After years of a perfect minimap system, Infinity Ward decided to shake things up in 2019 with a new system. This new minimap meant that players would not appear on the minimap when firing a weapon. Instead, players would need a killstreak for this.

Fans were disappointed by this change, and Treyarch returned to the classic minimap system for Cold War. However, Sledgehammer has decided to use Infinity Ward’s minimap system from Modern Warfare for Vanguard.

A new perk called Radar will return the minimap to the usual system, and the minimap fans will be familiar with it from Cold War. While this is the beta, there is still room for change. However, with a new perk made to change the minimap, it’s very unlikely that Sledgehammer will move to this system permanently.

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