CoD: Twitch Rivals $250K Doritos Bowl Warzone Tournament Rescheduled

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CoD: Twitch Rivals $250K Doritos Bowl Warzone Tournament Rescheduled

After the tournament was postponed, a new date has been confirmed for it to take place.

On December 17, Twitch Rivals were set to hold their $250K Warzone tournament, the Doritos Bowl. However, unforeseen circumstances meant that it had to be postponed. However, recently Twitch revealed the new date for the event. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why was the event postponed?

The $250K Doritos Bowl was postponed due to a glitch within Warzone which allowed players to become invisible. Using the Helicopters, players could turn invisible and this was running many players' games. With such a big prize pool, it would’ve been unfair to run the tournament, and risk players losing cash due to this glitch.

The New Schedule

Twitch Rivals $250K Doritos Bowl Warzone Tournament will go ahead on Thursday, January 21 at 2pm PST. This event will see 24 qualified teams go up ahead 25 invited creator teams in Warzone private matches. You can learn more about the event from our previous guide.

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