CoD: Toronto Ultra Announces $100K Warzone Tournament

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CoD: Toronto Ultra Announces $100K Warzone Tournament

If you didn’t think one $100K tournament was enough for December, we’ve got another with Toronto Ultra’s $100K Holiday Feast.

Toronto Ultra has announced their second $100K Warzone tournament tonight with the $100K Holiday Feast. This adds yet another tournament to an already packed December schedule. Here’s everything you need to know including format and schedule.


Toronto Ultra’s $100K Warzone Holiday Feast will feature 30 Trios. Players will drop into public Warzone matches and earn points based on Kills and Placement. The tournament will feature two rounds, with the top 12 teams from the first four-hour round advancing onto the two and a half hour second round. Teams will take points from their top five games in the first round, and top three in the second.

The winner will receive $35K, while second place will receive $22,500. The rest is split between 3rd to 12th place.


The teams are yet to be announced, however, we know that we will be seeing Call of Duty League professionals and some of the biggest streamers in the world. We expect to see the Toronto Ultra team, along with players such as Scump, Formal and Crimsix who commonly appear in Warzone tournaments. As for streamers, we expect to see big hitters such as Symfuhny, HusKerrs and Jukeyz invited to participate.

Schedule and How to Watch

The tournament will kick off on December 22 at 1 PM ET. You can watch on Call of Duty’s Twitch Channel, or your favorite streamer will be showing their POV. This will give all Call of Duty fans their dose of high-action, competitive gameplay just before the Holidays.

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