CoD: TJ Goes Flawless; London Come Close – CDL Super Week Day 3 Recap

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CoD: TJ Goes Flawless; London Come Close – CDL Super Week Day 3 Recap

TJHaly completed an incredible flawless map in three more CDL Super Week matches.

Day three of the CDL Super Week saw some extremely close games, and a flawless performance from TJHaly. Here’s a recap of all matches, with some important stats to note.

Dallas Empire 3-2 London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens surprised everyone with a map one victory in quite dominant fashion. A 250-160 victory saw Parasite, Dylan and Seany dominate, not letting Dallas get a kill and forcing all Empire players to go negative.

Dallas Empire bounced back with a strong 6-3 Search and Destroy victory. Huke clutched up in a 1v2 to win the map, and stop any chance of a Royal Ravens 3-0. 10-5 from Huke saw him return to his best after the map one loss, and look to turn the series around. Shotzzy came out swinging in map three with a massive 32/20 to clutch up in round five, taking a 2-1 series lead.

The Royal Ravens forced a game five with an exceptional comeback in map four. Yet again this map came down to the game clock, with London winning 235-228. Domination on p3 saw perfect holds come through, resulting in Dallas getting minimal time and London forcing a game five. However, Dallas Empire held on with a 6-4 game five victory. This was an impressive performance from the Ravens, taking the World Champs to a game five and proving that they can compete even after two tough losses.

LA Thieves 3-2 Seattle Surge

A close 250-231 map one saw LA Thieves take a 1-0 lead in the series. Temp and Kenny fried for the Thieves going 33/25 and 34/32 respectively. This yet again proves Temps ability to be LA Thieves fourth, and gives the Thieves a 1-0 series advantage. Seattle Surge responded in map two where Octane and Loony combined for 18 kills to close out the map 6-4. Octane and Kenny were involved in back to back 1v1’s, with Octane coming out on top in both to win the map.

Temp continued an excellent series by going 34/22 and taking the Control 3-2. This was a close game however, and saw Loony with an unfortunate triple team nade in round 5, giving LA Thieves a big life advantage and ultimately costing them the map. Seattle Surge forced a game five with a solid Moscow Hardpoint. The AR’s of Seattle dominated, holding down crucial hills such as p2 and p4 from power positions, and forced a game five.

TJHaly closed out the series with an unbelievable 12/0 map five, winning 6-0 to take the series. This is an incredible feat from TJHaly, and is something that is rarely seen in professional Call of Duty.

OpTic Chicago vs Toronto Ultra

OpTic Chicago closed out a clinical map one 250-68. While this is extremely dominant, it could've been even worse with OpTic winning 222-7 at one point in the match. This was an incredible start from OpTic with Envoy leading the stats once again, going 25/11. Toronto replied with a 6-4 SnD victory, with Bance clutching a 1v2 to win the map. 11/7 from Dashy wasn’t enough to win the map, as Cammy went on a massive 6 streak to give Toronto the momentum to deny a 3-0.

OpTic took back control of the series with a 3-1 Control win. It was a general well rounded performance from OpTic, with Scump specifically standing out with a 1.43 K/D. However, Toronto suffered due to CleanX going double negative, and struggling in map three. OpTic stayed strong in respawns to complete a 3-1 victory. Envoy made some incredible plays and went 26/17 to win a close, 250-218 game four.

The CDL Super Week action continues with three more matches tomorrow night, starting at 3PM ET once again.

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