CoD: Temp Joins LA Thieves To Complete Starting Roster

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CoD: Temp Joins LA Thieves To Complete Starting Roster

LA Thieves have completed their starting roster with the signing of Temp.

The LA Thieves announced the acquisition of the OpTic Gaming Los Angeles franchise spot in early November. As they acquired the spot, Slasher, Kenny, TJHaly and Drazah joined too. While Slasher, Kenny and TJHaly were named as starters, Drazah was confirmed to be a substitute for the 2021 Black Ops Cold War season.

Today, LA Thieves have announced the signing of Donovan “Temp” Laroda. Temp first started his Call of Duty career during the 2015 Advanced Warfare season. In his first season, he managed to win an XGAMES Bronze Medal along with teammate TJHaly. Following this success, Temp was unable to compete in the Black Ops 3 season due to age restrictions. However, he returned in Infinite Warfare and more consistently in World War 2 for Envy.

Temp won his first championship in the 2020 Call of Duty League season with the New York Subliners, winning their own Home Series. Before this event, Temp was widely regarded as one of the best Call of Duty players yet to win a championship.

In his announcement, Temp says how he hopes to become a World Champion with the LA Thieves and is excited to be playing with a team of “winners”.

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