CoD: Team DougisRaw Wins New York Subliners $100K WarzoneMania

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CoD: Team DougisRaw Wins New York Subliners $100K WarzoneMania

Team DougisRaw took home the 1st place finish in the $100K WarzoneMania.

Last night the New York Subliners hosted the finals of their $100K Warzone invitational, WarzoneMania. In this tournament, 19 teams competed over two days and three different competition formats to crown the winner. Team DougisRaw came out on top. Here’s how.

Team DougisRaw’s Road to Victory

DougisRaw, TeePee and Newbz were unsuspecting winners of the WarzoneMania. While we all know how capable these players are of winning, players such as Tommey and Aydan have taken the spotlight recently, and lead to Doug, TeePee and Newbz being slightly underrated.

They started off on Saturday with the Kill Race stage. Here, they narrowly qualified in 4th place, with 148 points. Team HusKerrs also finished on the same score, meaning that Team DougisRaw relied on a tiebreaker to get through.

Day 2 saw teams compete in a single elimination bracket. Here, they played three Warzone matches, and the team with the highest total kills went through. In round one they took on the team they narrowly beat the day before, Team HusKerrs. This victory was more convincing, with a 212 – 176 scoreline putting Doug’s team through to Round Two.

In Round Two, arguably tournament favourites, Team Tommey, were their opponents. As the opponent stepped up, so did the team, winning with a massive 303 – 284 score. This saw them in the Grand Finals, against the New York Subliners’ own, Clayster. Team DougisRaw were too strong, and won 334 – 273 to take home the victory.

This win saw DougisRaw, TeePee and Newbz take home a massive $50K between them. The Warzone action doesn't stop here however, with the Toronto Ultra hosting another Warzone tournament tomorrow, December 22.

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