CoD: Team Aydan Wins Toronto Ultra’s $100K Holiday Feast

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CoD: Team Aydan Wins Toronto Ultra’s $100K Holiday Feast

Last night Team Aydan were crowned winners of the $100K Holiday Feast, here’s how they did it.

Last night the Toronto Ultra hosted their second $100K Warzone tournament. Some of the best Warzone players in the world were involved, with Team Aydan coming out on top. Here’s how they took home the $35K first place prize.

The words "Call of Duty Warzone Toronto Ultra $100k Payout Holiday Feast" appears in large text in a box covered in holiday lights next to the leaderboards for the event with Team Aydan in first place all in a grey and purple background

Team Aydan’s Road to Victory

Aydan, Zlaner and HusKerrs were the team to finish in first place. The tournament saw teams play in Quads matches but as a Trio. In the first stage, teams played for four hours, and their t best five matches from this period were counted toward their total. The top 12 teams after the four hours moved on to round two.

Team Aydan narrowly advanced to round two, placing 11th in the first four hours. However, the team heated up in round two, putting up massive 356 points within two and a half hours. This saw them win by 32 points, and take home $35K. The win wasn't good enough for the squad, they also set a new World Record, with 109 kills in a Trios Quads match.

This victory sees HusKerrs and Aydan move up to the first and second highest-earning Warzone players. Zlaner moves into the top 10 at eighth, however, he does have the least tournaments played within the top 10.

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