CoD: SuperEvan & Newbz Set New Warzone Duo-Quads World Record

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CoD: SuperEvan & Newbz Set New Warzone Duo-Quads World Record

They’ve just set a new World Record, but it isn’t without controversy.

Warzone World Records have always been something players have aspired to hold. Since the integration of Black Ops Cold War weapons, these have been broken multiple times. This is mainly due to the new DMR-14 meta, which allows players to absolutely melt anyone from any distance. If you’re not using the DMR yourself, you stand no chance.

Last night, SuperEvan and Newbz set an unbelievable World Record, boasting 107 kills as a Duo in a Quads match. This absolutely smashes the previous record by 22 kills.

The pause screen during SuperEvan and Newbz's match, showing their kill count

Evan put up a monstrous 60 kills himself, while Newbz wasn't far behind with 47. As two of the best Warzione players in the world, this isn't surprising. However, some of the community have taken to Twitter to spread accusations of cheating.

Cheating accusations

New Warzone apps have come to the surface recently, allowing players to see the difficulty of their lobby. The most recent, allows you to see any players matches, and the difficulty of the lobby in terms of K/D.

People were quick to point out that this World Record was achieved in a lobby with an average K/D of 0.70.

While there is no way of proving whether the players cheated by using other accounts with lower stats or a VPN. This World Record will forever have an asterisk next to it. Whether they purposely made it into the lobby, or if they got lucky, its still an incredible feat to archive 107 kills as a Duo in a Squads match.

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