COD: Standy Awarded Stage 5 Player Of The Stage

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COD: Standy Awarded Stage 5 Player Of The Stage

The rookie takes home the POTS award for Stage 5.

Minnesota ROKKR made Call of Duty history as they reverse swept in a Best-of-Nine Grand Final against Toronto Ultra. Following on from a 3-1 victory over Atlanta FaZe, and 3-1 win over Dallas Empire, ROKKR secured a spot in the Grand Finals. While it seemed to be over after the first four maps, ROKKR resurrected and completed the reverse sweep.

Rookie Eli “Standy” Bentz was undoubtedly a major part of this comeback. His 1.10 Overall K/D saw him dominate against his fellow SMGs. However, it was his Search and Destroy performances that were the biggest part of ROKKR’s Major win. Standy’s 1.35 SnD K/D saw him average over 10 kills per map, and multiple multi-kills as he single-handedly pulled his Minnesota teammates through the Search and Destroy maps.

With the regular season now over, Standy is the name that many fans are calling for Rookie of the Year. While Insight is still massive competition, Standy’s Major 5 performance may see him take the title.

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