Charlie Cater
Charlie Cater
Charlie "MiniTates" Cater is a college student from England with a passion for esports gaming especially Call of Duty. He has followed the competitive scene since Black Ops 2. He hopes to pursue this passion through a university esports degree.

CoD: Seattle Surge Announces 2022 CDL Roster

The Seattle Surge CDL roster of Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi, Mackenzie “Mack” Kelly, Amar “Pred” Zulbeari and Daunte “Sib” Grey appears together with the words "2022 Roster" in front of them.

The Surge returns from the depths with a new roster.

Seattle Surge has struggled over the past two seasons of the Call of Duty League. While their rosters have generally seemed competitive on paper, they have never lived up to expectations and achieved what they could have. This year, Surge is going for a new combination of experience and youth as they look to take the 2022 season by storm.

Experience meets youth

Seattle Surge will enter the 2022 Call of Duty League season with a roster of Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi, Mackenzie “Mack” Kelly, Amar “Pred” Zulbeari and Daunte “Sib” Grey. This combination of experience in veteran Accuracy and youth in Mack, Pred and Sib sees Seattle Surge field a competitive CDL roster.

Surge fans can rejoice as the organization appears to be heading in a better direction, however with their history in the CDL, we can't be too sure.

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