CoD: Scump Wins $100K Warzone SoloYolo WSOW Drop

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CoD: Scump Wins $100K Warzone SoloYolo WSOW Drop

The king keeps his reign as he wins the $100K SoloYolo.

Seth “Scump” Abner keeps his crown as the king as he wins the $100K SoloYolo World Series of Warzone match. In an intense match, Scump came out on top to take home $100K, and cemented his title as the king.

Scump Wins $100K SoloYolo

Scump performed exceptionally well in the SoloYolo match, playing with aggression and finishing the match with a massive 10 kills. Known for his ice in 1v1’s, Scump clutched up in the Gulag before winning the final gunfight against Aydan “Aydan” Conrad to take home $100K.

Scump’s friends were just as excited as he was following the victory, and you can see their reactions below.

With the SoloYolo drop complete, Warzone in Verdansk is now finished. With the new Caldera Warzone Pacific map coming soon, we look forward to a new set of events, and hopefully a Season 2 of the World Series of Warzone.

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