CoD: New Research Finds Cold War Blueprints Increase Damage In Warzone

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CoD: New Research Finds Cold War Blueprints Increase Damage In Warzone

Popular YouTuber JGOD has revealed that a Cold War Blueprint deals more damage than the standard weapon.

In Season One of Black Ops Cold War, the MAC-10 arrived. However, yesterday it saw a nerf due to many Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players feeling that it was too strong. While overpowered weapons are one thing, pay-to-win weapons are another, and YouTuber JGOD may have just revealed some of that in Warzone.

In his recent video, JGOD shows how the MAC-10 “Gallantry” Blueprint is actually slightly better than the base weapon.

JGOD’s Research

Raven Software revealed that the latest Warzone patch was meant to reduce headshot damage for the MAC-10 from 40 to 30. However, this did not affect the Gallantry Blueprint. Unlocked at Tier 95 of the Battle Pass, this Blueprint is locked behind a paywall, and therefore could be seen as pay-to-win.

Not only does the Blueprint have higher Headshot Damage, but its Recoil pattern is also different, and as a result, easy to control. JGOD explained how the MAC-10’s recoil pattern “curves in an S shape”, while the Gallantry Blueprint “goes up and to the right”. Along with this, it also has a tighter hip fire spread, making it even better at close range. While some fans assumed this was due to the attachments already on the Blueprint, this is not the case and the differences still appear with and without attachments.

While this may be a mistake, and the standard weapon nerf was meant to impact both variants, for now, the Gallantry is much better than the standard MAC-10. So if you’ve managed to grind all the way to Tier 95 already, you’ll want to equip this straight away.

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