CoD: Renegades Win APAC 2021 Challengers Champs

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CoD: Renegades Win APAC 2021 Challengers Champs

The kings of APAC rise once again.

Heading into the APAC Challengers Champs, Renegades were always going to be clear favourites to take the title. With an unbelievable number of wins throughout the season already, Renegades had undoubtedly been the best team in the region.

Well, what we thought would happen, did. The roster of Fighta, Louqa, Pred and Shockz prevailed, dropping just two maps in their Champs run to win the tournament and take home $20K.

Renegades – APAC Champions

They entered the Championships as the #1 seed, and lived up to expectation in pool play. After breezing past a group of Cyclops, OTF and Rhein’s Revenge Tour, Renegades were 9-0 in map count, and faced Next Up in Winners Round 1.

By extending their map record to 12-0, Renegades easily dispatched of Next Up, and moved on to JHR Revenge Tour in Winners Round 2. Yet another 3-0 saw Renegades advance to Winners Finals, where their toughest opponent of Vertex Gaming would be waiting. However, they could only manage one map against the Champions, so a 3-1 win saw Renegades in Grand Finals and firmly in the driving seat.

Grand Finals saw a repeat of Winners Finals, and the exact same 3-1 scoreline saw Renegades crowned Champions of APAC, and take home $20K.

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