CoD Pro League Recap: Day 7, Division B

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CoD Pro League Recap: Day 7, Division B

Welcome to our CoD Pro League Recap of Day 7 (Div B)! Day 7 is in the books, and if you thought Day 6 had some twists, apparently we hadn’t seen anything yet.  Day 7 had some even bigger twists! The first match of the day wasn’t all that shocking as Enigma6 Group easily defeated Excelerate Gaming. From there, however, sparks were flying as Denial Esports earned their first victory, against Splyce, of all teams. Third, 100 Thieves handed Team Heretics their first loss of Division B. And finally, Team Envy not only held their own against EUnited, but actually won. Lots of surprises all around!

Match 1: Enigma6 Group vs. Excelerate Gaming

This match was the most predictable of all the matches for Day 7, although it still had some exciting moments. Game 1 (Hardpoint) was basically a showcase of the weaknesses Excelerate Gaming have during respawn game modes, as Enigma6 handily beat them with a score of 250-163. Interestingly, Excelerate continue to win their Search & Destroy matches. Case in point was Game 2 (Search & Destroy) where Excelerate turned the tables on Enigma6 and won Game 2 with a score of 6-4.

Excelerate has great Search & Destroy strategies, but being a one-trick pony won’t earn you wins in the Pro League. Enigma6 capitalized on Excelerate’s weaknesses yet again in Game 3 (Control), where they overpowered Excelerate to win 3-1. Enigma6 slaughtered Excelerate in Game 4 (Hardpoint) as Enigma6 dominated them with a score of 250-60.

Match 2: Denial Esports vs. Splyce

This match was as dramatic and exciting as they come! Denial Esports finally came out to demonstrate that they are a team not to be underestimated. It didn’t look that way at first, as Game 1 (Hardpoint) saw Splyce predictably defeat Denial with a score of 250-207. The same thing happened with Game 2 (Search & Destroy) where Splyce overwhelmed Denial’s efforts that game with a round score of 6-4.

Starting here, however, Denial Esports emerged a completely different team, like a proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes. Game 3 (Control) was completely the opposite of what one would expect from Denial at this point. Denial not only defeated Splyce but shut them out 3-0. Denial Esports continued their momentum in Game 4 (Hardpoint). They plowed over a bewildered Splyce to win Game 4 by a huge margin of 250-147. The magical reverse sweep was completed in Game 5 (Search & Destroy) when Denial decimated Splyce’s Search & Destroy game with a round score of 6-3. Bravo, Denial! Way to shut the haters up.

Match 3: 100 Thieves vs. Team Heretics

This was another unexpected plot twist in the story of Division B. Although Heretics performed well, 100 Thieves were always just one step ahead. Heretics came deceptively close to beating 100 Thieves in Game 1 (Hardpoint). However, 100 Thieves pulled away to secure the game with a score of 250-226, thanks to Preston “Priestahh” Greiner dropping a KD bomb of 41/26. Game 2 (Search & Destroy) was another close one for Heretics, as Alejandro “Lucky” Lopez once again hit insane shots with his sniper rifle, but kills aren’t everything in Search & Destroy. 100 Thieves proved this point as they won this game 6-4. Game 3 (Control) was when Heretics ran out of steam. They simply couldn’t keep up with 100 Thieves’ relentless assault as 100 Thieves won Game 3 with another close score of 3-2.

Match 4: EUnited vs. Team Envy

This match was deceptively close, but hardly anyone predicted Team Envy to come out on top, and with a 3-0 shutout at that. Game 1 (Hardpoint) took place on what many considered Team Envy’s home turf of the Frequency map. That was clearly a factor in how they won against EUnited that game scoring 250-200, especially with Justin “Silly” Fargo-Palmer going ham with a KD of 34/24.

Frequency was again the map for Game 2 (Search & Destroy), and Team Envy might as well plant a flag on this map considering how well they’ve done on it in recent games. Cuyler “Huke” Garland, in particular, slaughtered his way through EUnited with a double-positive KD of 13/5, allowing his team to win Game 2 6-3. EUnited stood a better chance to win against Team Envy on Game 3 (Control), but despite their efforts, it was not to be. Envy clutched up the Game 3 win on Seaside with a round count of 3-2.

Check back later for our coverage of Day 8 of Division B. On Day 8 we’ll see such scintillating matchups such as Excelerate Gaming vs. Denial Esports, Team Envy vs. Team Heretics, 100 Thieves vs. Enigma6 Group, and Splyce vs. EUnited. Catch all the action on Twitch or right here on ESTNN.

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