CoD Pro League Recap: Day 6, Division B

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CoD Pro League Recap: Day 6, Division B

Day 6 of the CoD Pro League has concluded, and we got to see some shockers! The first match wasn’t that much of a surprise, though, as EUnited easily defeated Denial Esports. 100 Thieves, however, returned to form as they dominated Excelerate Gaming with their new player. For the third match, it was the clash of the titans as two previously undefeated teams, Splyce and Team Heretics, battled it out. Only one would walk away with their win streak intact. And finally, in perhaps the biggest shocker of all, Enigma6 Group defeated Team Envy, despite some incredible key plays made by Team Envy’s members.

Match 1: EUnited vs. Denial Esports

EUnited exerted their supremacy over Denial Esports for this match, but not for nothing, Denial did show some signs of life. This short spurt of life came during Game 1 (Hardpoint), where Denial put up a valiant defense against EUnited. Denial even came out ahead by the end of the game, winning their first game against EUnited by a slim factor of 250-242. But EUnited knew better than to give Denial Esports a free series win and came back in force for Game 2 (Search & Destroy). Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris, in particular, went nuclear on Denial that game with a KD of 11/6, ensuring a 6-2 EUnited win.

In Game 3 (Control), viewers could tell Denial tried their absolute hardest to compete with EUnited.  Lucas “rizK” Derambure played the Specialist Battery gaining 17 kills, tying with aBeZy that game. Still, EUnited proved to be the superior team, shutting out Denial with a score of 3-0. Finally, EUnited drove the nail into Denial’s coffin in Game 4 (Hardpoint), where they easily dispatched them with a score of 250-60.

Match 2: 100 Thieves vs. Excelerate Gaming

One big shock to come from Excelerate Gaming recently was the replacement of Ethan “Fa5tballa” Wedgeworth with Robert “RobbieB3319” Brugnoli. Whether or not this change is for the better remains to be seen, as it didn’t seem to help Excelerate’s odds against 100 Thieves. Excelerate didn’t have the best start, that is for certain, as they lost Game 1 Hardpoint by a score of 250-179 in favor of 100 Thieves. Game 2 (Search & Destroy) went significantly better for Excelerate Gaming, as they were able to exploit 100 Thieves’ weaknesses for that game mode and come out ahead 6-2.

Game 3 (Control) quickly shifted things back in favor of 100 Thieves. They simply obliterated Excelerate Gaming with a 3-0 shutout. From there, Game 4 (Hardpoint) looked increasingly hopeless for Excelerate, as Preston “Priestahh” Greiner of 100 Thieves went off on them with a nearly double-positive KD of 23/13. Is RobbieB3319 going to be the magic bullet to turn around Excelerate’s odds of winning in the Pro League? Maybe, but he couldn’t make a difference here.

Match 3: Splyce vs. Team Heretics

It was a Thunderdome-like game between Splyce and Team Heretics. Both teams went in undefeated, but ultimately only one would come out with that track record intact. In this case, it was Team Heretics, and in convincing fashion. Game 1 (Hardpoint) was a tense slobberknocker of a match as both teams were evenly matched most of the time. Heretics edged out a narrow 250-243 win thanks to Juan Antonio “JurNii” Gonzalez notching up an MVP worthy KD of 34/23. Splyce brought back the force during Game 2 (Search & Destroy), where they handily decimated Heretics 6-2. And this was despite Alejandro “Lucky” Lopez living up to his alias with his insane sniper rifle kills.

Game 3 (Control), however, was a lesson for those of us at home in how to beat Splyce in that game mode. It was almost no contest as Heretics blew out Splyce 3-0. The lives each round were close, no doubt, but the life count favored Heretics each time. From there, Game 4 Hardpoint was closer, but Heretics took that game with a score of 250-219, closing out the series with a 3-1 victory.

Match 4: Enigma6 Group vs. Team Envy

This match was perhaps the closest, most shocking one of all for Day 6. The match started out in favor of Enigma6 when they defeated Team Envy persuasively in Game 1 Hardpoint with a score of 250-148. Less convincing was Team Envy’s victory over Enigma6 in Game 2 Search & Destroy, which went all the way to a Round 11. Envy did claw their way to the top that game however with a round count of 6-5. The back-and-forth warfare continued in Game 3 Control, where Enigma6 effortlessly outplayed Envy again with a 3-0 shutout.

It was understandable that people thought Team Envy was down for the count for Game 4 Hardpoint, but during that game, the unthinkable happened. Justin “Silly” Fargo-Palmer got, well, a silly amount of kills during that game, enough to score a Gunship streak to boot! That Gunship proved to be instrumental to defeating Enigma6 that round as Team Envy blew them out 250-102. However, the new hype around Silly proved to be all for nothing, as Enigma6 handed Team Envy a heartbreaking loss in Game 5 Search & Destroy, where they narrowly defeated a newly resurgent Team Envy with a round count of 6-4.

Stay tuned for our coverage of Day 7. Day 7 will see Excelerate Gaming take on Enigma6 Group, Denial Esports fight Splyce, Heretics duke it out with 100 Thieves, and Team Envy face EUnited. You can watch on Twitch or right here on ESTNN.

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