CoD: Players To Watch In The CDL Super Week

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CoD: Players To Watch In The CDL Super Week

Here are our top four players to watch at the CDL Super Week.

Tonight the CDL Super Week kicks off. This sees a full week of Call of Duty League matches, covering both week 2 and 3 of Stage 1. Here’s our top five players to look out for in this week's matches.


Cuyler “Huke” Garland holds out the front of his Dallas Empire jersesy, showing off the team logo as he faces the camera

Cuyler “Huke” Garland has dominated the start of the Black Ops Cold War season. His 1.50 K/D is the highest in the League from week one, and sees him perform at the highest standard we have seen from him. While Huke has always been an excellent player, this year has seen him shine more than ever, and this may be due to the move to 4v4.


Tobias “CleanX” Jønsson stands against a purple background in his Toronto Ultra hoodie. The team logo appears behind him

Toronto Ultra have dominated their Hardpoint matches so far this season, and Tobias “CleanX” Jønsson has been a main factor in this. He sits second on the Hardpoint K/D leaderboard with a 1.35, and his 31.73 Kills per 10mins in Hardpoint sees him excel in the game mode. CleanX is a force in Hardpoint, and he could take Toronto through to defeating both FaZe and OpTic this week.


Travis “Neptune” McCloud sits with headset on at the PC ready to play. The words "Welcome Aboard Neptune" appear beside him in front of the Florida Mutineers logo

Travis “Neptune” McCloud is a newcomer to the Call of Duty League this season. However, he looks like he’s been competing for years. While this may partly be due to his previous experience competing in Halo, Neptune has performed up to par so far this season. He currently sits in the top five Hardpoint KP10M, and currently looks like favourite for Rookie of the Year.


Brandon “Dashy” Otell makes a call into the mic while playing a match for OpTic Chicago

Brandon “Dashy” Otell has joined OpTic Chicago for the 2021 Call of Duty League season, and is already making a big impression. Control has been his best game mode so far, with a 1.43 K/D placing him second in the League. However, Dashy has always been a player who relies on momentum, so if OpTic kicks off the week right, Dashy will be a player to watch.

The CDL Super Week begins tonight at 3PM ET with two matches, before we see three matches every night from Tuesday – Sunday.

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