CoD News: Reports indicate Immortals is close to purchasing OpTic Owner Infinite Esports

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CoD News: Reports indicate Immortals is close to purchasing OpTic Owner Infinite Esports

Reports indicate that Immortals is close to a deal with Infinite Esports for its esports properties.

Immortals Gaming Club, best known for their League of Legends team, appears to be buying the parent company of competitive gaming juggernaut OpTic Gaming, Infinite Esports. The Immortals primarily appear interested in buying Infinite for OpTic Gaming’s spot in the League of Legends Championship Series. But with the entirety of OpTic Gaming at stake thanks to the proposed sale of its parent company, this potential purchase will affect matters far beyond League of Legends.

Dark Rumors

Perhaps the biggest potential impact of the Immortal's purchase of Infinite is with the Overwatch team known as the Houston Outlaws. Infinite owns the Houston Outlaws, and with Immortals already owning the Los Angeles Valiant, this places the Houston Outlaws’ future in jeopardy if the purchase goes through. It’s against the Overwatch League regulations for a single organization to own two OWL teams. Therefore, if the purchase goes through, the Houston Outlaws will either have to be sold to a different organization or disbanded entirely.

Additionally, the potential impact for OpTic Gaming’s hugely successful competitive Call of Duty team is also large. Damon “Karma” Barlow has painted a bleak outlook for the team’s future should the purchase of Infinite Esports go through. The Immortals appear to want to keep the current Call of Duty team through the rest of the Black Ops 4 season. But with the coming of franchising next season and the hefty price tag of buying a spot, Immortals has revealed little with respect to the Call of Duty team past that point.

It’s important to note that these potential futures for the rosters of OpTic Gaming are just that: potential futures. As of right now, the purchase hasn’t been completed. However, reports indicate that negotiation deadlines for this whole deal are May 31, so we’ll find out soon enough what this will mean for OpTic Gaming and all its rosters.

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