CoD: New Black Ops Cold War Operator “Stitch” Revealed

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CoD: New Black Ops Cold War Operator “Stitch” Revealed

With Season One just over a week away, Treyarch have begun the teasers by revealing a new Operator

Following its delay, Season One of Black Ops Cold War is set to release on December 16. Treyarch has started the teasers with just over a week to go, revealing a brand new Operator, Stitch. Here’s everything we know about Stitch going into Season One.

Stitch’s Background

Vikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin is a former KGB operator. In 1965, Stitch was assigned to an undisclosed project run by Colonel Kravchenko, who some of you may remember from Black Ops 1. Three years later Stitch was captured by the CIA and Agent Adler. During his interrogation, he lost his eye, thus receiving the nickname “Stitch”.

Following his capture, Kravchenko sent him to the Gulag. In 1976, the Gulag was attacked and Stitch managed to escape. He becomes the latest member of the Warsaw Pact in Black Ops Cold War Season One.

How to Unlock Stitch

It hasn't been revealed how we will be able to unlock Stitch as a playable Operator in Black Ops Cold War. However, if we look at previous Operator releases, it is likely that it will be in one of two ways.

Firstly, Stitch may be the Tier 1 Battle Pass unlock, meaning that players will receive him following purchase. However, he may also be Tier 100, requiring players to grind for the new Operator.

Secondly, Stitch may be an Operator unlocked via some sort of challenge. Black Ops Cold War’s current operators require challenges to be completed for unlock, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see Stitch unlocked in the same way.

Black Ops Cold War Season One releases on December 16, and with it being one of the biggest content drops in Call of Duty history, we expect to see many more maps, modes and operators revealed over the coming days.

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